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In-Game help (encyclopedia) - Feedback

Post by shevegen »

Not sure if this is the (a) right place to put - if not, please feel free to move this to a corresponding entry.

I have noticed that the in-game encyclopedia is quite nice; in particular clicking on stuff to get more information.

I noticed that there is no explanation for a "Zone of Control".

In particular, one unit has the ability "distract", and if you click on it, you receive a text like this:

"This unit negates enemy Zones of Control around itself for allied units (but not for itself)."

But the phrase "Zones of Control" or "Zone of Control" can not be clicked. I assume it is
because there is no explanation for this, as of yet.

I suggest to add this.

What this could entail to is:

- a small "map" about like 6 hexes or so, or a bit more, and then perhaps two or three units where
one or two units show a Zone of Control around them.

And then perhaps another short explanation that distract allows you to bypass it. I am aware that
the description states so right now, already, but it would be nice to see some short explanation
and a small graphic about this. I can figure out that the zone of conflict surrounds the units, but
a picture wuld be nice too.

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Re: In-Game help (encyclopedia) - Feedback

Post by GunChleoc »

From the translation files:

Code: Select all

#. [topic]: id=movement
#: data/core/help.cfg:262
msgid ""
"Another thing to keep in mind while moving is <italic>text='zones of "
"control'</italic>. Each unit — except for level 0 units — generates a zone "
"of control in the hexes immediately surrounding it, and any enemy unit "
"entering those hexes immediately ends its movement. Learning how to use "
"zones of control to your advantage is an important part of Wesnoth, as only "
"<ref>dst='ability_skirmisher' text='skirmishers'</ref> can ignore zones of "
So, the information is there, but obviously not in a way that you could find it.

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Re: In-Game help (encyclopedia) - Feedback

Post by Iris »

Moved to Writers’ Forum.
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Re: In-Game help (encyclopedia) - Feedback

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

The definition of the distract ability should be able to use <ref>dst='movement' text='Zones of Control'</ref> to make that text clickable... though the description is also used in the sidebar, where you won't want that markup to appear. I don't suppose abilities can have a separate description for the help topic?
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