Dunefolk Rework - Unit Descriptions

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Re: Dunefolk Rework - Unit Descriptions

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There's a couple of things in the Dunefolk descriptions that need changing.
Dune Soldier wrote:While most Dunefolk castes serve an additional practical purpose beyond only direct warfare, Dune Soldiers are among the few who are completely dedicated to military purposes. By train intensely to hone their skill in swordplay, Soldiers learn to navigate tricky fights in close quarters and repel ranged assaults with their shields. A typical Dunefolk formation makes use of this adeptness by placing Soldiers in a spaced pattern, allowing them to draw out clustered enemy lines and overwhelm their foes in pseudo single combat.
"Train" should instead be "training."
Dune Harrier wrote:While Dune Harriers can fulfill a similar role to Striders in hampering enemy forces, their name is actually derived from the harrier hawks they employ to maintain contact with the bulk of a Dunefolk army. Most commonly found operating behind enemy lines, Harriers are usually tasked with providing useful intelligence on enemy troop movements. However, when the time is right, these agile warriors gather together and strike at the rear of weakened supply lines or flanks. A rain of bolas followed by a piercing thrust of spears is often enough to severely cripple the target, allowing the main Dunefolk force to close in and finish the job. The choice to stand and fight is not an easy one either: Harriers are considerably skilled in wielding their spears, and their hawks can provide an extra attack when absolutely necessary.
The bolded section should be removed, as the Harrier no longer has a hawk attack.
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Re: Dunefolk Rework - Unit Descriptions

Post by Hejnewar »

Tom_Of_Wesnoth wrote:
February 12th, 2020, 11:34 pm
The bolded section should be removed, as the Harrier no longer has a hawk attack.
This was never a thing. So this is pure lore.

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