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Re: Up From Slavery

Post by AxalaraFlame »

taptap wrote:I managed to do it with slow as you say. But I had several levelled archers but little levelled melee guys (and those levelled were the marksman variety, which you really don't need against 30%), especially I lost Brotus in the previous scenario to a dwarf = I had to do with fresh recruits to get 6 units so I fielded several L1 and L0 against L3 which amazingly worked in the end.
wait wait! I noticed a difference...How did u fielded that area with lv1s and lv0s? It must be limitted to get only 6 units recalled or recruited!
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Re: Up From Slavery

Post by GodOfTomatoes »

Okay so I was testing out the different upgrades for each unit to figure out what units work best and I noticed two major issues:
1. The Retiarius' upgrade (What I assume is meant to be fleet Retiarius) can't gain xp and still has the name Retiarius if you gain it through level ups
2. The pugnator's 3rd level on the paegniarius' level path doesn't exist. When I tried to get one by feeding my paegniarius enough xp I got this message:
Screenshot (592).png
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