Add-on Feedback Forum guidelines

Review and rate user-made single and multiplayer campaigns and scenarios.

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Add-on Feedback Forum guidelines

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This forum is designed to benefit the authors of user-made content in an effort to help them improve, refine and maintain their work.

This will allow the authors to use their thread in other forums as working threads while the feedback from these threads may be used on issues of balance, story and gameplay. Users are not able to create new threads in this forum, as it will be controlled by moderators in order to avoid excess noise and threads that do not comply with the below criteria.

Criteria for a user-made add-on to be admitted:
  • Must be complete. This means no major bugs that will cause a user to stop playing, and must run from start to finish.
  • List of questions. The author must have a clear list of questions they would like users to answer when posting feedback. This is not to limit the feedback, but to provide a guideline for uniform feedback to make these threads productive and beneficial.
UMC authors who feel that their campaign or scenario fits the bill should PM their request to the Forum Moderators group with their list of questions.