help for scenario : the princess's revenge

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help for scenario : the princess's revenge

Post by elzobrec »

in the campaign of human ( I think ) I can't survive 2 days agfainst the hord of ennemeies... all my veterans units died !!!
who can I resist ?

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Post by scott »

What advanced units do you have? How much gold do you have?

Try moving all your units towards one of the enemies. I usually go south with my veterans. Don't forget to take some cannon fodder to soak up the damage. After you attack with a mage, move the cannon fodder unit in front of it to protect the mage.

You can hold off the northern wraiths with L1 units - mages, archers, and fighters to absorb damage.

The eastern enemy is tricky. You can avoid them altogether if you want, provided you move your units out of the castle. If you don't have very many veterans, that might be the way to go.

Some people are very successful if they move their army north. Wraiths (north) or revenants (south) - you choose, I guess.
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Re: help for scenario : the princess's revenge

Post by jonadab »

Unless you have a really *fantastic* undead-fighting army (e.g., about eight Paladins), you cannot hold the castle at your starting position, i.e., you have to retreat away from it. Pick either the northern or southern enemy, and take some reasonably strong units that can move well and kill that enemy. The rest of your troops should retreat gradually in that direction, each turn pulling back far enough that only a few enemies can attack at once, not enough to kill your units. Wounded units should retreat further, behind your retreating line. Killing the northern or southern enemy gives you a direction you can retreat without getting surrounded. The southern enemy is probably easier to kill than the northern one.

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Re: help for scenario : the princess's revenge

Post by Elvish_Pillager »

jonadab wrote:Unless you have a really *fantastic* undead-fighting army (e.g., about eight Paladins), you cannot hold the castle at your starting position, i.e., you have to retreat away from it.
I've actually beaten this level by filling the moat with Mermen and the castle with Elvish Fighters and a couple Druids. I wouldn't advise that as a general strategy however.
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Post by toms »

I always fight the eastern enemy with my paladins and a holy knight wich about half of the
needed XP. All the corpses do self-sacrifice on him. :twisted:

Yeah, and another knight takes the other amulet in the north, kills some wraiths, and in the south, I train my troops. 8)
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Post by elzobrec »

first I said an error, I am in elf campaign ... so no knights, no paladin...

I've 203 gold; mes veterans are ( level 3 ):
2 champion elfe ( fantassin )
3 archers elfe ( in french : franc tireur )
2 white mages

mes veterans are ( level 2 ):
1 archers elfe ( in french : franc tireur )
2 redf mages

I'll tried to kill the south army...

thank you for your advices...

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me again !!

Post by elzobrec »

I lost my two white mages... hard too pay but " no progression can be free !!! "

sorry for translation but I am french !!!

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Post by energyman76c »


I usually put some elves (one of them a healer) in the forest in the east of the starting castle. Together with Delfi and Kalenz. Until the end, I am usually able to level at least one or two of them. Delfi at the north end of the forest to help Konrad against the ghosts.

A strong army is send south, white mage, some good&healthy 'melee' units. Scouts&Knights to get the potions.

Konrad&some mages + one or two elfish fighters are going north. The first village will be hold until the enemies lvl2 ghosts are killed.

I am usually able to kill two of the three enemie leaders (the one in the south is always killed, the one in the north most of the time, the one in the east - it depends where Delfador is more needed)

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Re: well...

Post by Thrawn »

elzobrec wrote:first I said an error, I am in elf campaign ... so no knights, no paladin...

I've 203 gold; mes veterans are ( level 3 ):
2 champion elfe ( fantassin )
3 archers elfe ( in french : franc tireur )
2 white mages

mes veterans are ( level 2 ):
1 archers elfe ( in french : franc tireur )
2 redf mages

I'll tried to kill the south army...

thank you for your advices...
unless I am mistaken (UIAM), you get horses in the second scenario (unless the Great Change from 1.0 up changed this too)

keep moving, don't keep all of your troops standing around in one place, it allows enemies to all mass up.
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Post by Sea Elf »

I think a good stratagy is to head west to the chokepoint near the river lake thing and the moutain range up by the north leader. At least thats what I did
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Post by Spam »

I've tried it 4 different ways on 2 different campaigns.

First time was my first time through. The first way I tried was attacking east against Green. The problem with this tactic is it takes to long, even though you're cutting through the Walking Corpses like a hot knife through butter, the sheer mass of them slows you down. By the time you kill the Green Commander yellow and blue are nipping at your heals. You're in bad terrain to defend, have some injuries, and are probably out of position.

I then tried defending the center. This lasted all of 4 turns before I decided that'd never work.

The last way I tried on my first campaign was to go south. I knocked out Blue ok, and tried to reform in the castle and around the hills. I however ended up losing I think 2 or 3 lvl 2 units because of the...hmmm...I thinkt hey're called Banshee's? I don't know, the lvl 2 flying ghosts of yellow. Those are by far and away your biggest concern on the whole map. Unless you're stocked with Holy Weapons they pose a problem.

So anyways, I started a new campaign after I lost another 2 heroes in the Cross the River map later on, figuring I could do a better job of leveling the second time around and not have those losses. Sure enough I was stacked with lvl 3 units by the time I played this map the 2nd time around. This time I decided since the Yellow Banshee thingies seemed to be the biggest problem i'd move north west. I go west past the lake and then north into the forest with the mountains shielding my flank.

This worked EXTREMELY well. My army was heavily Elven with Paladin/White Mage support. I had a Shyde and a Druid as support. With the Elves in the woods and using the mountains to the east of my position as a shield, I had zero problems. The Yellow banshees, being the fastest units and the closest, got delt with seperated from the main body of troops, the yellow/blue skeletons next, so all I had to do was butcher the Walking Corpses on their own. After I delt with the Yellow Banshess I was even able to detail a strike force of Archers/Paladins to go north and knock out the Yellow Commander and then swing back around and nip at the flank of the Green Walking Corpse mass.

Anyways, that seemed to be the recipe for success. The mountains shield you very well from the Walking Corpses, making them trickle in a few at a time. The terrain is in your favor with woods for your likely heavily elven. You can deal with the Yellow Banshees in seperation from any other forces. And even Blue's forces can't really come in a swarm from the south.

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Post by AndrewJ »

I've played this scenario two or three times on easy difficulty and have won it by filling the moat with mermen fighters as damage-soakers.

In my most recent attempt under 1.1, I had two druids, a white mage, a mermaid priestess (from Bay of Pearls) and a paladin backing up the mermen with healing, and a red mage and a merman with the Storm Trident for some fire support. The mermaid priestess was the only non-merman fighter that I lost, but the loyal mermen from Bay of Pearls got chewed up badly.

Next time I play it, I might try a more pro-active approach--one that'll let me level up more units.
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Post by Beamer »

I just go south straight away and take out the blue army. I also had Konrad go south-east and get the holy water before the corpses got near him. The thing I noticed was they all seem to target Konrad and the majority of the forces on the map went after him and left my other forces alone. It took me a couple of tries before I decided I should send two Paladins to back Konrad up because the yellow wraiths can get to him pretty quickly.

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Post by kiet »

The thing I did was very simple,took me a couple of tries to get it.First I recalled my three Outriders and some mages(4 of them),plus I sent Delfador and Kalenz out of the fort.Next I sent my two best Outriders to collect the holy water bottle.I also recalled my Mermen Warriors and more mages.Putting them in the water.Seeing that the undead horde is closing,I command my troops to take their defensive possition.Kalenz to the village close to the fort,my two holyOutrider(they where capable of killing a zombie in a single blow) to the other village right of the fort,one got to hide in the forest while the other one in the village.And he got accompanied by two shaman.Delfador,4 mages and a Outrider.To the north I sent 4 mages(none of them survived actually :roll: )
When the battle was at it´s end the casualities was minimum(7 mages)
But my treasury took a real hit.I spent 500 gold under the mission but had 500 left for the next mission.
So well,you have to be rich using this technique.

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princess revenge

Post by Mangudai »

On my second HttT campaign I tried a new strategy. I had

2 Knights
2 Paladins
1 Horseman
3 White mages (or MoL)
3 Red mages
6 mages lvl 1
+ Various elves.

My knights grabbed the holy water, supported by paladins. The western cavalry team went north around the mountains and killed the northern leader. The other cav team killed the southern leader. These events were almost simultaneous around turn 7, then all cav headed strait for the remaining enemy leader in the east with no stopping for villages.

My infantry forces split as well. One team went north and the other south. I watched the enemy possible moves carefully, so that the real battle started on my turn. My mages +support ripped apart the northern and southern armies quickly around turn 4,5.

On turn 6 I executed a double turning maneuver and double flanked the horde of WCs. I was careful not to expose my lines to the whole horde. I let a handful of WCs hit me at a time.

On the final turn my cav killed the remaining leader. One skeleton and a few WCs survived.

I came very very close to wiping the map clean of all enemies.

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