Ye Compleat Walkthrough To "Heir To The Throne"

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Sceptre of fire:
have a look at the replays V1.17 ... c&start=48

-you have to recall the right units dwarfs and thiefs, fast mages
-you must hold the small passages with powerfull units
-you may fight in groups of 3-4 units
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Post by Clonkinator »

Hm. Thank you for your help. These replays and your hints are very interesting.
David Esquivel
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this walkthrough is really good the illustrations are cool too but please come otu with the next chapter i got 9 lv3s and im stuck at the dwarven doors please help
Higher Game
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Make only a scout or two for the dwarven doors. Run for the northeast door with your main guys, and have the scouts try to slow down the enemies. Don't worry about trying for promotions. You're going to need the gold for the coming cave stages, which are probably the hardest in the campaign. Just try and finish the map as soon as you can, and don't worry about fighting back at all. Just run for it.
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Post by nightcrawler »

Higher Game wrote:Make only a scout or two for the dwarven doors. Run for the northeast door with your main guys, and have the scouts try to slow down the enemies. Don't worry about trying for promotions. You're going to need the gold for the coming cave stages, which are probably the hardest in the campaign. Just try and finish the map as soon as you can, and don't worry about fighting back at all. Just run for it.
This strategy isn't 100% valid anymore for more recent versions of the game. At the very least you should scout out one or both doors and be prepared to go towards either one. The pressure to run is reduced somewhat, although running remains a good way to do it. I wouldn't try to take on all 3 leaders though.
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Mages advancement

Post by elricz »

Just a comment on the suggested mage advancement. I am playing 1.1.11 in normal, and my choices were to advance Elrian from the Isle of Anduin all the way to Great Mage (he has just achieved it on the Specter of Fire), and win the Isle of the Damned to get Moremirnu, a Mage of Light by now.
This way my army now has two powerful mages, at the cost of a recall and with a 1 gold per turn maintenance. I have used them on almost every scenario, and usually I can still manage to level some of the other units (not at the ratio of the walkthrough, I don't have the required skill to achieve it yet)
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Post by Clonkinator »

I would be very glad if this walkthrough would ever be finished.
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The Guide has Helped Me a Lot - Thanks!

Post by BMintern »

I just wanted to note that I am playing V 1.0.2 on Hard basically following this guide. I had already played through once on Easy, and again on Normal, but I found myself having a lot of trouble on Hard until I found this guide. I had always been trying to finish levels as quickly as possible, and I found Hard to be impossible.

Well, following this walkthrough, I now have the following statistics going into The Siege of Elensefar:

Level 3
Elvish Avenger (quick, resilient)
Elvish Shyde (intelligent, quick)

Level 2
Elvish Captain (dextrous, resilient - about to level: 75/90)
Elvish Captain (dextrous, resilient - yes, another one)
Elvish Hero (resilient, strong - about to level: 70/80)
Elvish Hero (intelligent, resilient)
Elvish Hero (resilient, dextrous)
Elvish Rider (dextrous, strong - I recruited him during The Bay of Pearls and found him helpful)
Knight (Haldiel - loyal)
Knight (intelligent, resilient)
Knight (strong, resilient)
Merman Warrior (loyal - has storm trident)
White Mage (Elrian - loyal)

Level 1 - about to level
Elvish Archer (dextrous, strong - 35/44)
Elvish Fighter (resilient, strong - 33/38)
Merman Fighter (loyal - 31/36)
Merman Fighter (loyal - 29/36)

264 Gold
23 Recruits
24 Recalls
21 Advancements
10 Losses - 2 Elvish Archers (1 in Elves Besieged, 1 in BoP), 1 Mage (Muff Mulal), 7 Merman Fighters (BoP, of course)
170 Kills
6286 Inflicted (5942.8 EV)
2171 Taken (2307.6 EV)

I have done no saveloading (except quitting and restarting an entire scenario if I suffer a bad loss, usually due to an impatient, bonehead move). I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to proper strategy, to learning how to analyze terrain, be patient, and fight when at an advantate (day/night and terrain). I hope to see the next chapter soon.

Note: I know this is an old topic and I hope that I do not generate wrath for reviving it, because I think it is a useful thread to have near the top, anyways.
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Post by K4tz »

Eh? You can choose between the Isle of the Damned and a different level?

How would I do this? >_<
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Post by BMintern »

It all depends on the Bay of Pearls. If you defeat only the water leader, you go to the Isle of the Damned. If you defeat only the land leader, you go to Muff Mulal's peninsula. If you defeat both, you are given a choice.
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Post by podunk »

In Dwarven Doors don't forget to look for the loyal Bandit! He's in one of the North east villages (close to the orcs, so use a fast scout to find him early) he comes in very handy against undead.
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from one newbie to another

Post by darkwraith007 »

NOTE: This is for version 1.12 (development version, stable, linked from the main home page)

Hello to all, some tips for playing Elves Beseiged (part of the Heir to the Throne Campaign), from one newbie to any others out there.

I will say that I've replayed this scenario about 10 times, all with mixed results.
1st - died
2nd - died
3rd - died after a few more turns then usual
4th - read some of the strategies in here and attempted to implement them
5th - frustrated by dying, yet again.
6th - changed strategy to something completely different, and I win! But no level ups, just extra gold, and I lost almost all my units.
7th - Get no units lost, but am so absorbed in trying to defeat the nearest orc boss-guy (level 3) that I lose track of turns and lose by default.
8th - No unit loss, Win by 3 extra turns, but I want to level up.
9th - Am very frustrated by how slow Konrad and that old guy (Delfador? sp?) move through the forests.
10th - Actually checked out unit descriptions, taking my time, used my plan below.

Here's the plan I used. Note that I played on MEDIUM difficulty. This may or may not work with different version numbers or HARD difficulty. Use at your own risk, blah blah. I'll attempt to replay the scenario and at least put up a replay so that others can hopefully see it or someone can issue a patch so that replays will work.

Numbers roughly refer to general strategies, so that its somewhat easier to read. Replays don't seem to work on my computer when I play them back, it says "file corrupted" each time. Perhaps due to me changing preferences (accelerated play, no show AI moving) several times during the scenario. Perhaps in a future release, replays can ignore those variables or just assume they were off?

1 - There's a grassy path that goes to the west, just under the castle you start out at, that's important. Take the old wizard guy and move him southwest, far enough until you reach the grassy path. I believe you can do it on the first turn. Have Konrad recruit the following (this is what I used, personally): 2 Elvish fighters, 2 Elvish archers, 1 Elvish scout, and 1 Elvish shaman.

2 - Send your scout southeast to the nearest unowned village in that corner on the right side. Take Konrad and move him to that grassy path, and DO NOT recruit any more ppl, it won't be worth it because you'll just be dividing exp too much among your people and its too risky wasting gold on getting level 1s killed at this point, IMHO. Its easy to have a small but strong group, balanced, like I did. You may or may not want the scout but I HIGHLY recommend it, as you'll see. Now move both Konrad and the old wizard guy along that grassy narrow path (avoid the forest) to the river in the west by the druid/fairy lady. Move your fighters and archers straight north, as far as they'll go.

3 - Continue moving Konrad and Delfador west until you hit the river, then have them cross it in the following turns (if possible) at the narrowest forge so that they only go over one square of water. You can't avoid the forest but just keep moving west until you reach the western border. Your goal is to also capture the villages nearest the fairy-lady and move north, also capturing villages that are not already occupied by allies. Then just steal them when they move. ^_^

4 - Move your two Elvish Archers (since they have lots of movement in the forests to capture the villages that are roughly in the center of the top part of the map. Slightly northwest of the Elvish Captain guy that'll get slaughtered later on for being an idiot. Move your other troops due west, trying to capture as many villages as you can while doing so.

5 - Keep moving Konrad northwest, and do the same for the old wizard guy. Keep moving ALL your troops as far west as they can go, maybe sneak in a hit if the enemy is weak but ONLY if you know you won't be attacked by another full-health enemy the following turn. Even with the allies help you will most likely die before getting the exp bonus from killing a full-health enemy. Then your allies will finish the enemy off. Let the allies absorb the brunt of the attack, especially AVOID those troll dudes that the northeast-most lvl 3 orc guy sends. Let the allies get bashed like crazy and weaken them a bit, maybe killing one or two, just ignore them until you get some level 2s hopefully.

6 - Keep following the above strategies until you have managed to do so WITHOUT losing ANY units (on Medium difficulty, and if you lose any on EASY then just restart or read some more forum strategies). Its obvious but I'll say it here. ONLY attack the enemies during the daytime! You won't get a bonus but they'll lose their 25% bonus at dawn and until night.

7 - By now, you should have Delfador crawling his way up the westmost border to meet your troops that can be put in a line along the westmost border (but keep all your elves either in a forest or in a village, and put a fighter in the villages when you can, rather then the archers because fighters have 60% defense in both forest and village but archers only have 60% in village and 70% in forest. READ the unit descriptions of your enemies too!

8 - Wait, what about that scout? Well hopefully you've read this far before actually playing, your goal with the scout is to feight and delay the souther n forces from ambushing you from the south. You do this easily. After capturing that eastmost village that's unowned in the beginning, head due south but check your enemy movement hexes to see where they can move, then keep one black hex worth of distance so you are *just* out of their range. Keep retreating to the southeast and eventually (at least in my case) they give up and just head north, leaving you to capture the villages they leave behind. DO NOT attack the enemy leader with the scout! They'll get slaughtered!

9 - Keep Konrad in the village closest to the northwestern-most lvl 3 orc guy, with the old wizard guy right nearby. Move your 2 archers and 2 fighters to surround the boss (yes, all of them). Also move your shaman to the hex next to the boss that's closest to the village and slow him down. Its risky but well worth it. The boss may move one hex in any open direction so that he doesn't get surrounded on all sides, in this case you can keep a spare unit to rotate out when need be.

10 - Your scout is capturing villages, the allies should be getting slaughtered by the Trolls, don't worry about them at all. In my case, at least 3 of them went up to level 2. Don't feel bad about capturing allied villages, make sure YOU own them, but don't go outta your way or put yourself in danger to capture one.

11 - By now you hopefully are using ONLY ranged attacks and have one or two weak guys. Retreat them west to the villages, move Konrad in to the hex nearest the village and attack the boss. Move the shaman that was there one hex over behind Konrad to heal him but not get beaten by any enemies coming up from the south.

12 - If enemies start to come from the south? This is where Delfador comes in handy, he'll be the guy using lightning to kill any guys that come from the south, though you want him up near the boss-orc before attacking him to soften him up a bit (about half hp or less).

13 - If anyone gets weak, throw them on a village and let them sit out the rest of the battle (or until they heal, if possible).

14 - Watch your turns and when its turn 11, have Konrad abandon the boss and just move towards the signpost but DO NOT get on it yet.

15 - Keep having your guys attack. In my case there was an archer and a shaman from the allies that were helping me kill him and absorbing some blows.

16 - Make the winning kill with Konrad if possible, or if after turn 11 just let the person with the least amount of exp do it. Or if the boss still has too many hp just let old wizard guy do it and get something at least, rather then nothing. You should still have at least 3 of your guys around the boss and wizard-guy as well. If not, just don't let the wizard-guy take him on alone!

17 - On turn 13, go ahead and hit the sign and be done with it.

There, you've won, and hopefully you've leveled up some guys as well. For me, I had one kill for Konrad, old-wizard-guy killed the orc-boss cause I was running out of time, like one turn left. I had 3 units level up, and my feinting scout remained undamaged and out of harm's way. No use in attacking with it since it would definately lose to even one enemy. So I chose two Marksman (archers) and a Hero (fighter). The remaining fighter was close to leveling, and the shaman was alive (barely) but had some exp at least. If possible its a good idea to let a shaman make a high-level-enemy kill to get the maximum benefit since they don't melee that much.

I went into the next scenario with around 180 something gold, plus 4 very valuable units. Not bad, eh? I may be able to manage doing so on fewer turns, as one time in the past I've been able to let the shaman kill the orc-warrior and almost level up.

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addition of alternate strategy

Post by darkwraith007 »

Previous post is long enough, otherwise I'd edit it.

An alternate strategy is to have your guys meet up near the keep with the Elvish Hero-guy, and have all but one hang out there to feint the enemies and draw them further out to the east, away from where Konrad and old-wizard will be going along the western border. This strategy basically means you DO NOT ENGAGE the enemies unless you are very near damn sure you can get a kill in and not get attacked by a Troll or other unit the following turn. Your guys will basically sit and wait for the enemy to come from the south, and form a U shaped formation at the bridge and just ambush the guys when they come up, or attack them in the water if they're stupid enough to do that.

Again, don't hesitate to retreat if need be, and stay in the forests as you'll have the advantage of speed and defense that way.
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finishing blackwater port n crossroads early

Post by dog4life »

this is what u do don't worry about elves yet get about 3-5 horseman go to the forest in the south-west forcing the orcs down to u. Also don't worry so much about xp and about so many of them getting for in every stage the first couple of turns the enemies r wry about capturing villages once u get to about turn 5 the orc leader where come out near the village. Now this is all about luck esp if u only have 3 horseman u may lose 1 or 2 but many enemies will gang up around u but being that u have horsemans just kill the enemies infront of u with one of them n konrad n the leader. this is where u use the wizard to get the orc to a real low energy like 2 if u can because when attacking with an horseman attack is damage n defenses aren't so high. This is especially good for the Grand Knight reward u with a strong, intelligent knight. now for the crosswords, also in this stage only horseman,if u were like me and had recruited about 6 knights n was able to keep most of them n upgraded them in past stages all to knights n at least one lancer u recall ur knights about 4 of them get to the eastern leader as fast as possible, u should be near the leader around turn 6. This is also where u have to wry about luck again, for the orc stay in his castle this time n has more better defernse again kill all the enemies near u lower the orc leader hp with the wizard n for the kill with the horseman.I had finished this stage with about 995 gold.
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sum tips on the first stage

Post by dog4life »

My first time playing elves besigned on hard I had nothing but elves fighters n move up to where u can get the north east emenises to attack u lower the 3rd level troll energy as low as possible n let konrad get the kill on the next turn u should have a level 2 konrad which is excellent for u can use the leadership ability n if u real good at using it n positioning ur fighters may be able to have another fighter upgraded. by the end of this level i had an hero, a level 2 konrad n three other fighters one enemy near getting upgraded meaning they just needed to kill a level one n they be upgraded. the thing is when trying to level up konrad i ended up losing 3 fighters, but it was my first time after all.
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