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Re: recommended campaign sequence

Post by Moonwalker »

michaelbr wrote: September 14th, 2019, 4:57 am 1) which addon campaign in your opinion is good.
I believe this question is still unanswered. I'd like to know some interesting campaigns too.
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Re: recommended campaign sequence

Post by lhybrideur »

Depending on the version, I would advise you to try Legend of the Invincibles and the Dragon Trilogy (beginning with a "Song of Fire" I think) You can also try Alariel's Journey/Amaranthine Stone and Across the Ocean. That is a least my opinion based on what I have played, which only cover campaigns that can be played by someone bad at Wesnoth.
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Re: recommended campaign sequence

Post by Byron »

I noticed in 1.14 that some of the mainline campaigns were relabeled. I mean some of the novice campaigns are renamed "Rookie". I think this is a good move. Heir to the Throne, for instance, is harder than the other campaigns that were labeled "novice". Liberty was relabeled "Novice". I tried to play it once & quickly became stuck (though I think that was a bug that has since has been corrected). I tried Amaranthine Stone twice, but could not win what appeared to be the last scenario. There was no way to kill the final bad guy, though there may have been something to be triggered that I didn't trigger. Like when I first won Besieged Druids with only Elvish Civilians, because I hadn't found what I later found that makes the win a lot easier.

Having failed at Liberty, I never tried any of the following mainline campaigns because I didn't think I was a good enough player to win them. With this newer version, where a lot of bugs have been fixed, I think I will try these other mainline campaigns, now. Also, with version 1.14 there are a lot of new novice campaigns to try after I have played my favorites (that I can win.)

As always, I thank the many developers who have made this game & continue to improve it.
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Re: recommended campaign sequence

Post by dwarftough »

Liberty was tricky with the first scenario with Goblin pillagers. After this scenario it has more common gameplay
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Re: recommended campaign sequence

Post by josteph »

Byron, we added something to the help recently that's related:

Also, do try some of the other intermediate campaigns. As another place in the help says, difficulty and level are not the same. If you've won HttT on the medium difficulty ("Normal"), you should be able to win an intermediate campaign at "Normal" too. But note that in intermediate campaigns, "Normal" is usually the easiest difficulty, not the middle one.
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