"Noob" (Isar)

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Re: "Noob" (Isar)

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Devas wrote:
Dugi wrote:The people who called you noob are probably noobs themselves. Good players don't usually insult other players even if they aren't good, if they actually like the game, they'll enjoy explaining what you do wrong.
lol... wat... that's it, I'm done reading
Dugi wrote:The only suggestion I can give you here is not to play with people like that. They may be hard to spot, but if you play for some time, eventually you'll learn the names of annoying bums and the names of normal players. Alternatively, don't play multiplayer at all.
actually I wasn't done reading, but I think I wouldn't have missed anything had I stopped
Dugi’s comments seem well and good to me (though I’d think it preferable to report uncivil players to the relevant authorities). Your comments, though, seem to me to be rather dismissively uncivil, an appearance only aggravated by that they seem to be expressing opposition to the idea that people ought to be civil to each other and may avoid those that aren’t. In future, please do try to be civil, per Posting Guidelines point 1b if nothing else.
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Re: "Noob" (Isar)

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You completely missed what was I trying to tell. It's irrelevant if the strategy he chose was suitable for Isar's or not. Everybody is new to a map at some point (and it doesn't mean that he's a noob). Using a strategy that isn't suitable just because you don't know the map doesn't make you stupid or noob (even Velensk said that strategies needed for Isar's are quite peculiar). I wanted to calm him and help him regain confidence, not to assure him that he was doing the right thing.

I'd suggest reporting to authorities if there was a way to stop people who enter the server unregistered, try to cheat and ruin games with OoS for everybody, insult people or are obnoxious in other ways.
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