SX RPG Expert Strategies?

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Re: SX RPG Expert Strategies?

Post by Beleth »

Just wanted to thank people for this thread. I wouldn't have seen this add-on without this thread, and I'm currently trying to beat some of the maps on Normal difficulty by myself and failing to do so. *sniff sniff*

My guess is that I'm being too aggressive and trying to push through too quickly. Oh well, practice makes perfect. :)
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Re: SX RPG Expert Strategies?

Post by Mabuse »


dont worry - all good.

you already gave me anyway a lot of very useful feedback.
so now its my turn. for a new map. ;)

regarding planned balancing changes i think that with all the useful power the new spells contain,
the cleric may lose its bonus on "rage", so rage isnt cheaper anymore for the cleric.

@beleth: hey, feel welcome - hope you like the maps - its really alot about practice and learning of course. although getting tips from good players can save you some hours you would have needed to figure out for yourself ;)
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Re: SX RPG Expert Strategies?

Post by roidanton »

Oh cool, I have a very busy week at work coming up, so need to take a break until next weekend, but am looking forward to my Christmas Vacations and to try out the new map - and I'll also try to play ToB solo with a ranged unit. That's something that needs a lot of careful planning, so I'll do this during the holidays.

Beleth, welcome it's nice to have some more people playing these maps :-)

From my experience, it was actually easier to learn this on higher difficulty levels because that really forces you to carefully think about all your decisions. When you play this on the lowest difficulty, then you have so much gold that you'll get away with a lot of serious strategic mistakes - mistakes that hurt you a lot later in the endgame, making it very difficult or even impossible to win. Difficulty only affects your starting gold, but not how strong or how many enemies you'll face.

When you play on lower difficulties, you'll have a lot more gold, so your unit will start out much stronger than it would otherwise be on Experienced or Expert. The stronger your unit, the further you can go without any additional upgrades. This makes your unit less vulnerable to incorrect upgrades for much longer - but in the endgame, you need certain stats to win it. Of course, this gets compensated by the fact that your unit needs fewer upgrades to get there, so the game is actually easier in some regard.

Regarding your comment about rushing out too quickly - that is not really a bad thing, in fact, you really should play this map fast. Getting stuck, not knowing how to beat the next enemy happened to me so many times. I even had to restart the entire map so many times from the beginning, trying different strategies. In the end, it was a lot of fun to do this and I also learned a lot about game mechanics.

Reading the posts in this thread and watching the replays can save you a lot of time, because then you can look at which enemies you'll face throughout the game, what their stats are, which stats are sufficient to kill them, etc. And there's also a lot of stuff that simply takes a lot of time to figure out, for instance which resistances to get for a Warrior in Wizard of War II - you basically have to play at least once till endgame to figure this out.

I actually find these maps easier to learn than others because it's easier and more straightforward to figure out which upgrades you need. For instance, you attempt to attack some boss and damage calculations show you 50% chance to die. What to do? Well, it's mostly math, you look at how much damage your weapon does, how much damage you take in retaliation - and thing think about how certain upgrades would change that. And if you don't want to do math, you can also do it the old-fashioned way, reload multiple times from a turn where you start with some decent gold on a shop, buy different upgrades, see what happens. Or try different resistances, let it hit you and see how you're doing.

Contrary to that, I find maps such as World Conquest a lot harder to beat because I always find myself barely beating map 2, then getting completely crushed early on map 3 without any idea what I was doing wrong - is it just bad luck with the enemy factions, their location relative to my keep, do I have enough advanced unit from last scenario, etc. Facing some many enemies attacking you makes it so much more difficult to figure out what to do, at least from my perspective.

In SX RPG, normal creeps are usually so weak that you don't have to worry about them, you just kill them. Bosses are the only thing that give you trouble, but there aren't that many bosses, so you can look at their stats, resistances, etc., then think about what you need to kill them.

Ok, I have a very busy week at work coming up with several important meetings, so I probably won't have time to check the forums until next weekend - which is also the beginning of my vacations - have fun, guys!
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