Any up to date video replays? (MP)

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Any up to date video replays? (MP)

Post by GoldenToad »

I've read the replay thread; are there any up to date replay commentaries? I'd like to get a feel for basic match-ups and recruitment positions before I start playing a lot. Is there a YouTube channel other than Neki's?

Thank you!
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Re: Any up to date video replays? (MP)

Post by roidanton »

I'd also be interested in seeing some replays of some of the survival games - especially Scrolling Survival and Isar's Blasphemy. And a replay of someone playing Elves/Sylvans against Drakes would be awesome!
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Re: Any up to date video replays? (MP)

Post by Aelaris »

I play on Server 2 with my IRL friends, and I tend to save replays. I've been meaning to review and analyse the games, figure out my mistakes and theirs. I don't know about videos, those seem tricky, but I can post up a few replays and my analysis of them. Of course, I'm not actually the best player, so my opinions should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

If people are interested, I could try figuring out how to make it all videoy.
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