Recruits for the Last Scenarios in IFtU

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Recruits for the Last Scenarios in IFtU

Post by Kingslayer »

I only get to take 12 units with me. Any suggestions?

I have 6 Sylphs, 3 Liches, 3 Sorceresses (Aragwaith), 4 Shydes, 4 Nightgaunts, 3 Forefathers, and 1 or more of every other level 3.
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Re: Recruits for the Last Scenarios in IFtU

Post by silent »

Hmm based off your list, there is room for flexibility, but I think the following will be mandatory for your descent into the hive.
-2 Sylphs
-2 Aragwaithi sorcerers
From the rest of your list, I'd go with the 3 forefathers, the 3 liches, 1 of the nightgaunts and probably another sylph.
-sorcerers: Your only way to heal in the hive other than elynia, and you will need more healing/curing, especially in the lower stages.
-the initial 2 sylphs: The big reason of importance here is their slow, suprisingly, though they will rip through the majority of enemies here. Especially important for the bosses deeper in, where slow is an absolute godsend, and will make the fight significantly easier.
-forefathers: Terror and resists will allow them to survive, as well as your other units, for a lot longer as you will encounter a significant amount of low level spam.
-liches: hive gives chaotic units a boost, and the magic attack will do heavy damage to many creatures in there. I sincerely hope though they are resilient as intelligent/quick will be somewhat a liability in the hive without quite a few AMLA's, though go with them anyway.
-1 nightgaunt: your invisible, backstabbing, skirmishing scout. Good to identify problem areas and hence solutions. However a word of caution. If you choose the nightgaunt, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AUTOSAVE ON OR SAVE REGULARLY! This is very important as there is a unit that randomly flies around the hive which may accidentally discover your nightgaunt, and an unprotected visible nightgaunt will NOT last long. The flightpath is random though, so it should only rarely "find" it by accident.

This will give you a quick, mobile force capable of passing through areas quickly while obliterating annoying obstacles, and hopefully able to take down the bigger problems. Asides from those listed above, I also hope you have Igor (The loyal wolfrider from the finding the lady of light scenario) and hopefully, with the drain potion. And try to keep erathan alive as long as possible, the extra damage does help, although in the first level, make sure he gets his hands on the movement potion so he gets 6mp rather than 5, which would be a liability otherwise.
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Re: Recruits for the Last Scenarios in IFtU

Post by Battlecruiser_Venca »

You have 10 recall slots here:

I played with 2 sylphs, 4 shydes (healing is a must here), forefeather, ancient banner, avenger and forest spirit (but it became a bit useless, you'd go another forefeather)

This combination allows you to keep all your units as long as possilbe all alive. I had shydes with some AMLAs, so one of them had 60 HP
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