Northerners vs. Undead - help needed

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Re: Northerners vs. Undead - help needed

Post by JW »

csarmi wrote:Maybe grunts do reduced damage against skeletons [...] , but they certainly do full damage to the important units (adepts), [...] and they have tons of hp (cheaper + faster than trolls too) which, again, helps against adepts and make them great at holding villages.

Usual tactics, attack, hold the villages, kill what you can, conserve hp's as well as you can and maintain your advantage by evercoming ubercheap units.
I only read this thread this far, and this is really the most key advice for you considering your opening post.

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Re: Northerners vs. Undead - help needed

Post by pinguinsteve »

hi, i do play northies quite often as my favorite faction and i do think as well, that the matchup with undead is hard. I remember some games were it went horribly wrong. But i made the experience, that it can be very useful to have one or two goblins around, Especially, when your opponent focusses on DAs.
Goblins, are cheap, have three attacks and at night devastating against DAs and if you loose them its not much of an issue. Keep in mind, that they have no upkeep so you can use them as cannon fodder if needed.
Of course its debatable if its not better to pay 3g more to get the grunt, provided you have that.

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Re: Northerners vs. Undead - help needed

Post by Raliven »

I agree with Velensk and JW about the grunts. Recruit more grunts than trolls to start and then adjust depending on what you see your opponent recruiting. Trolls don't really do enough damage until they level and at night DAs can do a lot of harm to them while not taking enough damge to die themselves. Then the DAs can just retreat with the xp gained and heal.

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