Loyalist Strategies List

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Loyalist Strategies List

Post by Flameslash »

Does anyone know any decent Loyalist Strategies? I know a few.

1 - Heavy Infantry, guarding Mages and Archers
2 - Fencers, Archers and Horsemen, maybe a Mage
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Re: Loyalist Strategies List

Post by thespaceinvader »

:| Good strategy depends entirely on what opponent(s) you're facing, and what they do, particularly using a faction with as many niche units as Loys.
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Re: Loyalist Strategies List

Post by Caphriel »

Try the excellent, if somewhat old, How to Play Series, particularly the article on Loyalists.
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Re: Loyalist Strategies List

Post by Velensk »

Not to offend, but I strongly disagree that your first stratagy is a good idea. The only faction I can think of that it would be viable against a good player would be the Undead, and even then relying on heavy infantry for you cover would slow you down in a match with high ToD shift.
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Re: Loyalist Strategies List

Post by TheChosenOne »

As said in the How to Play Series, Loyalists is the most versatile race. They have a unit for facing everything - they have bladed, impact, pierce, arcane and fire-based weapons, you name it. Not to mention the fact that they have heal, cure, leadership and charge.

There is a strategy for loyalists to counter each and every race, and thus it depends primarily on what your opponent recruits, and then on what kind of map or terrain you are fighting in.

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