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Gus wrote:
Jetryl wrote:I had some fun on Siege of Elensefar, since I had taken over half the city center before the thieves offered their help. That was goofy.
Do you have a replay? I have such a hard time taking the city, i'd love to see how you managed that. I desperately need the strategic help i think, given what you're saying ^^
:| I'm not sure - this is the closest thing I have, but it won't play back in my current copy of 1.1.11, mostly because I've been modifying this copy to test if things run well in 1.2. It was a partly modified copy I made the thing in, and I don't know if it'll throw the "the file you have tried to load is corrupt" jazz at you.
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Oops, i missed your answer. Thanks a lot, i'll be checking that =)
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