South Guard 3. A Desparate Errand

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cheerful coffin
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South Guard 3. A Desparate Errand

Post by cheerful coffin »

I was playing it on hard v1.1.7.

Basically, I recall/recruit 3 turns worth of troops. Then I sent a cavalry to north and everything else to the bandit's camp.

At turn 15, my troops are stuck at the river/beach near the bandit's camp. The enemies just keep coming.

Maybe I didn't recruit enough troops (I think I've more than 100 gold left over at turn 4)? It'd be great if you guys have better strategy on this one.

My troops available for recall are: 2 swordsman, 1 pikeman, 2 close to level spearmans (30ish exp.) and other low level things.
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Post by Na'enthos »

This is the one where you have to reach the elven keep right?

Well, I only did this on medium, but what you need to do is get the hero to the keep. When you do so, the scenario is complete.

So, recruit/recall escorts and move your hero up north protecting him with your escorts. Possibly leaving a few units to block up the mountain range. There's a reason you get to recruit horsemen here.

Good luck.
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