Heir to the Throne campaign replay, on hard with no losses

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Post by Sly »

I just reached Princess of Wesnoth in hard ... And I don't see how anyone can beat it with no losses :shock:

The preceding ones where doable with no losses (I had to retry sometimes for I made some stupid mistakes :P ), but this one... :?
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Post by hochbass »

That is what I have done.
-send my Knights and Delfador to the nord in the first round. Conquer the villages. Walk a GK into the village near the bridge and kill the attacking mages. Rotate as often as possible.
- send for assistence some rouges or thiefs in the tree next to the bridge and build a defence line behind the river. And wait for the enemy
- kill the Horseman with 2-3 of my knights as far as possible, but never cross the river or the unit can flee back next turn
- send a mairman veteran, a rouge and a knight to the cave in south west, kill the ( on hard 3 ) assasines, than mairman and rouge occupies villages while the knight is hasting after the others.
- send all your other units strait to east and wait at the river. Let them come
- send elfes and rouges over the river into the woods. Do not enter the open fields until you have close lines of units.

It is not easy, but I did it more than once with no losses.
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Post by Clonkinator »

Ugh. Great strategy, really. I would have done it like you there, but I never have enough money to recall more than 10 units in this scenario... It just doesn't work with so few units.
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