Beating scenario 2 in Northern Rebirth

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Beating scenario 2 in Northern Rebirth

Post by BetronParks »

Some time ago I decided to beat Eastern Flank, my favourite scenario, on the third difficulty. I had beaten it on the first two before, but now I couldn't get past the second scenario until I set the difficulty on the easiest one.

The old tactics just didn't work there. What's your strategy there?
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Re: Beating scenario 2 in Northern Rebirth

Post by patience_reloaded »

I'm a save-reloader, so my advice might not work well.

I'd advise that you focus on getting thugs and maybe footpads, and don't recall any units from the previous scenario, since your veterans are mostly lawful with pierce attacks, but in this cave, you'll need chaotic units with impact damage, which is exactly what the thugs and footpads can give you.

As for tactics: Attack towards north-west first. In that direction, outside the cave, there's a village. If you step on it, you get an additional unit. Getting that unit early is advisable.

Good Luck!
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