New idea for portraits

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New idea for portraits

Post by Soranonigen »

I was thinking about if will be good idea change style of Wesnoth's portraits. I haven't got lots of experinces with drawing digital portraits. So I decided to try to do something like bestiary book or encyclopeadea (for Moonday era), where the portraits will be draw with pencil.
How it could looks:
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Re: New idea for portraits

Post by Can-ned_Food »

You would only do this for the Help pages, yes?

If the portraits used for [message] were done in this style, then — well, why not save that for a [core]done in an e.g. ChalkZone–esque style? It would include terrain, sprites, [theme]s, and such. The whole kit–and–kaboodle.
“Sketchpad Quest” or something.

If you would revise your suggestion that these be the concepts for new Wose designs, then you would certainly need to do new sprites also. As is, they could certainly work in pixel–art style.

My critiques:
The images are clear and the shapes are quite discernable.
The proportions are aesthetically pleasant.
The character style is reminiscent of something which I cannot quite recall to name — maybe it was a SWF thing. That second one, especially. Something Nintendo? Frogatto?
I would disagree that it is quite ‘bestiary’ style, but I suppose that varies with the monk or journeyman who compiles the tome. I would expect it to show more texture if it were a bestiary. Also, don't they usually feature a background of the creatures' native habitats?
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