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Re: Graphic Hunting

Post by Mountain_King »

I can't seem to find a link to the originals, but on the 1.8 server they are in the rpg creation kit, as dugi pointed out. I used the units in my campaign as well. This zip file contains all the "plant" images from that campaign folder, to save you the work of digging them out.
(285.2 KiB) Downloaded 122 times
There's also a quick study on a higher level plant monster, just something easy for a non-artist like me. :D
If you want the coding here it is as well for the level1 and level2, pulled straight from the campaign:
(4.19 KiB) Downloaded 423 times
(4.28 KiB) Downloaded 390 times
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Re: Graphic Hunting

Post by battlestar »

Could you tell us who we should credit to for using these plant units? Thanks.
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