How to add custom terrains

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How to add custom terrains

Post by Tom01 »

I'm currently making a custom map and would like to use terrains from a campaign I liked.

In the map editor, I am told that the terrains I want to use are non-core and will not work without extra care. Is there a way to use a set of terrains globally?

I am just creating a custom map to then set up a local game. I currently have both a terrain.cfg and a terrain_graphics.cfg file.
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Re: How to add custom terrains

Post by Pentarctagon »

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Re: How to add custom terrains

Post by Pilauli »

Okay, I've tested some things, and it looks like you can use any terrain that you include in an #ifdef MULTIPLAYER section in any multiplayer game. (I'm not sure whether that's only required for the host, or whether it's required for everyone playing, but if you are playing a local game, then it won't matter, because everyone will be on the same computer anyway, right?)

The logical extension of this is to simply create a folder which contains a _main.cfg file, and make the _main.cfg file be almost empty except for notes that say "in multiplayer games, make sure you load up this terrain". All it should need is something like this:

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# Let's include terrain from an unfinished add-on I made...

# And the terrain from UtBS that you can't usually use in multiplayer games...
Adapt that to the campaign(s) that you actually want to use terrain from and see if it works.
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Re: How to add custom terrains

Post by MoonyDragon »

Here is my step-by-step answer to almost the same question a while ago.
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Re: How to add custom terrains

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

Pilauli wrote: October 19th, 2020, 9:31 pm(I'm not sure whether that's only required for the host, or whether it's required for everyone playing,
Just to clear this up: terrain needs to be accessible to everyone playing the game. Otherwise how would the remote computers know how to draw those custom terrains, or what gameplay properties they have?

Of course, with a local hotseat game, there are no remote computers involved, so you don't need to worry about this if that's all you want to support.
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