Connection failed:An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

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Re: Connection failed:An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Post by LordAwsomeness »

Ravana wrote: March 13th, 2020, 6:47 am Instead of show_if, it is generally possible to use normal if - to not insert the options into message if condition is not true.

I do not currently have any good examples, but this is somewhat fitting. ... s.lua#L142 If it would be inside function/wml_action, then the line could be for example

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-- local T = wml.tag -- I use such shortcut
if cfg.something then 
    table.insert(message, T.option{
        --option content
im still working on the lua, but I wanted to find a temporary fix while im working on learning the lua. I have a question however. I couldn't make the method that you both were giving me, however I created a new method instead. the new method incorporates a fire event. it drastically cut down on the total amount of options being read by the preprocessor. however I am trying to understand if I potentially messed up on my code or if fired events are unable to change the options displayed. In my attempts to swap weapons, the page stays the same and the variables dont change.
Are the options that are displayed able to be changed?

EDIT: nevermind, it was an inconsistency that I had in my variables. it works perfectly now. hell even better than before.
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Re: Connection failed:An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Post by plaridelph »

Same problem here.

OS -Windows 10

The Battle for Wesnoth version 1.14.11
Running on Microsoft Windows 10 (10.0.18362)
Distribution channel: SourceForge

Game paths

Data dir: C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle for Wesnoth 1.14.11
User config dir: C:\Users\USER\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14
User data dir: C:\Users\USER\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14
Saves dir: C:\Users\USER\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14\saves
Add-ons dir: C:\Users\USER\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14\data\add-ons
Cache dir: C:\Users\USER\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14\cache


Boost: 1.59
OpenSSL/libcrypto: 1.1.0f (runtime 1.1.0f)
Cairo: 1.10.2 (runtime 1.10.2)
Pango: 1.30.1 (runtime 1.30.1)
SDL: 2.0.4 (runtime 2.0.4)
SDL_image: 2.0.0 (runtime 2.0.0)
SDL_mixer: 2.0.0 (runtime 2.0.0)
SDL_ttf: 2.0.12 (runtime 2.0.12)


JPEG screenshots: no
Lua console completion: yes
Legacy bidirectional rendering: no
Win32 notifications back end: yes

Step by Step
1. Join the Server
2. Create game A New Land
3. After a few minutes, I got kicked out from the server.Image[/img][/img]
screenshot error message
screenshot error message
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Re: Connection failed:An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Post by Soliton »

That's entirely normal.Your connection timed out. The server side will have a different timeout or is in a different state to discover the disconnect so your old connection can still be there when you re-connect. You can just click OK and your old connection will be removed. Then you can create your game again or re-join it if it already started.
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