Disabling Terrain

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Disabling Terrain

Post by LordAwsomeness »

Hey so I was just wondering if theres a better way of disabling certain set_menu_items on specific terrain than actually going in and typing in every single code. For example, I know that you can disable the menu item from showing up on terrain that follows Ww^* or *^Bw|r, but I was just wondering if theres a way to do it such as *W just to knock out any water or *X to disable all cave walls.

below is an example of what I had been doing before and before I started I just wanted to know if I could disable entire groups by doing *X or *W

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Re: Disabling Terrain

Post by UnwiseOwl »

Yes, you can.

If you want to match any terrain, for example, use *^*.

You can find details on the wiki here: https://wiki.wesnoth.org/StandardLocati ... g_Terrains
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