Unitmarkers [SP/MP modification for 1.14]

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Re: Unitmarkers [SP/MP modification for 1.14]

Post by Paulomat4 »

Hello Josteph,
please excuse me for not replying so long. I have been very busy with cs studies and work, and I rarely have time for wesnoth anymore. Even when I have, I prefer playing a few matches myself instead of working on my add-ons. That does not mean I will never return to it, but atm I just don't have the motivation.
If you want, you are free to upload Unitmarker to 1.15 and if you're fixing the above mentioned issues, that would be awesome.
It's great to see that people are using this add-on and appreciate it.

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Re: Unitmarkers [SP/MP modification for 1.14]

Post by josteph »

Hi Paulomat4,

Thanks for inviting me to upload Unitmarkers to 1.15. Unfortunately, I'm currently on a wesbreak too, taking a break from both development and playing. Like you, I don't know when I might have time and motivation to play 1.15/1.16 or port addons to those versions. If I do take advantage of your invitation to upload Unitmarkers to 1.15, I'll say so in this thread.

Good luck with your work and studies!

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