Castle wall stacking error in 1.6. H2 fix?

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Castle wall stacking error in 1.6. H2 fix?

Post by Tet »

The stacking of castlewalls is different from column to column on the map. One tile column produces a mistake when an oversized uinit is in the castle the other column produces the mistake if the oversized unit is behind the castle. I show you to examples from the same ingame screen shot. It is a resized drake in one of my temple style castles. I enlarged the screenshots by hitting the +-button to maximum ingame.

Where can the stacking of castle wall be manipulated? Is it allready done in higher versions of Wesnoth?
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Re: Castle wall stacking error in 1.6. H2 fix?

Post by Sapient »

Units that exceed the hex are not supported in older Wesnoth versions. You will find more glitches than just that one. To answer your specific question, though, I don't know. "Looks like your skills saved us again. Uh, well at least, they saved Soarin's apple pie."

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Re: Castle wall stacking error in 1.6. H2 fix?

Post by Max »

looks like they have been/will be fixed in 1.9.5:
Revision: 48357
Author: boucman
fix all known glitches with big units

Revision: 48356
Author: boucman
resynchronize invalidation code and redraw code in unit frame... this fixes most of the glitches with big units (but not all, i'm looking at the rest)

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