Chasm ghosts (terrain-graphics)

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Chasm ghosts (terrain-graphics)

Post by doofus-01 »

What is it that determines if the ghostly chasm transition is active or not, in 1.9.1?

I'm trying to make the tile/chasm transitions look like the tile/water transitions, but I get the results you see below. Both the tiles and the big cartoon-ish metal plate are aliased to "Re", and both use this transitions macro:

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{TRANSITION_COMPLETE_LF       Fypd        (!,Mm,Ms,H*,Xu*,Fyp*)           -76      top             steel/dark-plate}
Or some variant of it (like without the flag). No problems with the plate, but the tiles always have that chasm ghost.
chasm-transition1.png (182.08 KiB) Viewed 660 times
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