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Post by aaronfeld »

Apparently I need to have my editor's maps saved as .map files. My are saved as just File, nothing else. How do I get them to .map?


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Re: .Map

Post by Anonymissimus »

You don't need to.
You rename the files in a file manager.
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Re: .Map

Post by Dixie »

Also, you could probably ask all your questions in a single thread, it would be much less messy :P
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Re: .Map

Post by Captain_Wrathbow »

When you save them in the editor, you can just type ".map" (without quotes of course) at the end. :wink:

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Re: .Map

Post by Iris »

Even then, technically you can name a map "pink.unicorns.are.cool" and then include it with the same name in the WML:

Code: Select all

Of course, using the .map extension is recommended to keep things tidy, and to help special validation tools such as wmllint.
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Re: .Map

Post by boru »

Most Awesome Map Name Ever! :Awesome:
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Re: .Map

Post by aaronfeld »

That worked fine but I still get an error. I'm not on the comp that has Wesnoth so when I'm on that I'll post the error. It's probley what I've done wrong though.

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