Does [filter_vision] not work for AI sides?

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Re: Does [filter_vision] not work for AI sides?

Post by Ken_Oh »

That would be interesting if it does indeed work now, but the way we got it to work is apparently better because it also filters out the nearest unit. What we did was calculate the max movement (according to the terrain) of each enemy unit in range and add however many more MP it would take for it to take one more step (again, according to the terrain). The closest one gets the prize of a fake sighted event.
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Re: Does [filter_vision] not work for AI sides?

Post by SkyOne »

I am lately curious what is going on this:
Sapient on May 21st, 2010 wrote:The good news is that both sighted events and filter_vision may get totally fixed this summer by one of the GSoC students when he introduces a route planning system.
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Re: Does [filter_vision] not work for AI sides?

Post by Gambit »

It is the new whiteboard system in 1.9.x
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Re: Does [filter_vision] not work for AI sides?

Post by Anonymissimus »

Delay shroud update is still disabled in the dev version. I'd vote for keeping to test leaving it away, so we can test at the same time whether sighted events are stable then.
As someone using the DSU option regularly I consider the whiteboard an acceptable replacement - there are some important bugs that must be fixed however.
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