new easy to use temple macro

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new easy to use temple macro

Post by musketaquid »

Someone ever played Warlords2? You could bless units at a temple there.
I tried to implement such a temple in form of an easy to use macro for Wesnoth. Here is my attempt, i think, it finaly reached the stage of shareing it with the comunity. I put up a test scenario using the PLACE_TEMPLE macro.
Just unzip and copy "temple.cfg" to "wesnoth/data/core/macros/" and copy "Test-Scenario.cfg" to ".wesnoth-1.5.2/data/scenarios/multiplayer/".
Then start wesnoth like this "wesnoth --multiplayer --scenario=multiplayer_Test_Scenario"

Criticism is welcome.
This needs to be tested over the network, so if anyone finds some bugs, let me know.

Code: Select all

# Macro for placing a temple
# The temple should bless a unit as long as it has at least 1 XP
# and as long as it fits the alignment of the temple.
# Units can only be blessed once at the same temple.
# The blessing costs 2gp.
# Possibilities for alignment are "lawful", "chaotic", "neutral" or the all-
# embracing "divine".
# Example usage:  {PLACE_TEMPLE "scenery/temple1.png"
#                                Sacralim
#                                "portraits/Kitty/human-mage-arch+female.png"
#                                lawful
#                                10 6}
P.S.: This feature will give a much better look and feel, if we had different images for each alignment.
Check this out
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