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WML Reference Guide

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People often use WML attribute or tag names that are misspelled or just plain fictitious when trying to debug WML — or even tag structures that (to the trained eye) are logical to the writer but have no basis in reality. You should always look up the proper format first, and we have a dedicated section in the wiki to help you:
This is the complete user's manual for WML. It should be the first place to look for answers to any WML questions since it is detailed and rather accurate. It is intended to be an accurate reference for the current stable series, and anything that applies to the current development series is marked as such. If the WML reference seems lacking in some area, do not hesitate to post about it and ask in the WML Workshop forum.
There are also now some tutorials available to help you get started with WML coding. If the WML tutorials are confusing or you see something that might be wrong, feel free to post about it and ask in the WML Workshop forum.

Good luck with all of your WML-related endeavors!

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