Idea: A 2nd Tutorial of 3 Scenarios Starring Li’sar

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Idea: A 2nd Tutorial of 3 Scenarios Starring Li’sar

Post by SigurdFireDragon »

Since the player has already played the basic tutorial, this can focus on larger strategic considerations for new players.

This would appear immediately after the basic tutorial in the campaign menu in default order

This would move Li’sar from the basic tutorial to the additional tutorial.

Some benefits are:
Li’sar & Ashievere character development
Li’sar’s appearance in a tutorial has more meaning, instead of being a cosmetic choice in a tutorial whose backstory fits Konrad better.
Strengthens tie-ins for both Li’sar & Konard, since they each star in a tutorial.
Good place to manage expectations / address the RNG troubles that some players have (RNG frustration was a front page topic on the Wesnoth Steam page when it was released on Steam, and for a long while afterward.)

Draft of a possible implementation:

1st scenario
Appearance and dialog with Ashievere
Some strategic lesson, maybe when capturing a village is a bad idea? An eye toward developing level 2’s for future scenarios, but keeping the recruit mix appropriate for the current scenario (ie, you may want to level a Ghoul into a Necrophage, but it is very impractical)

2nd scenario
Further instruction conducted by a tutor of Li’sar’s
Unit baiting, unit sacrifice, protecting key units in a situation where medium to heavy losses are guaranteed to happen. The underlying or even explicitly stated theme here is to have the player learn how to plan take the RNG into account, and choose avenues of action to minimize it’s effects, and eliminate them when possible. (one definition of eliminating is if no enemy unit can reach your injured unit, it is guaranteed not to die on the next turn)

3rd scenario
Li’sar’s first mission
Put down some trouble caused by a local necromancer? (Skeleton vs Heavy Infantry action?)
Featuring loyalist / undead battle simplified?, being a summary/review of the lessons in the first two scenarios.
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Re: Idea: A 2nd Tutorial of 3 Scenarios Starring Li’sar

Post by Pentarctagon »

The RNG explanation might also be a good place to give a little explainer on the statistics window and what various things mean there.
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Re: Idea: A 2nd Tutorial of 3 Scenarios Starring Li’sar

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

I think a tutorial is the wrong place for plot points and character development, and I don't like the idea of splitting the two tutorial leaders into separate scenarios, either. The basic idea of a second tutorial is sound, however; but if we want to add a second tutorial, I'd prefer both tutorials to allow the choice of character (between Konrad and Li'sar).
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