Altered era/ruleset

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Re: Altered era/ruleset

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version 0.6.2 is published for BfW 1.10.7, 1.12.6 and 1.14.x

- desperation index (except its gold-based part) for desperate stand rule is now shown in unit count indicator (located in the middle of top panel for most UI themes)
- added blind attack special to ranged attacks of all valon horsemen with flails and valon trotter, increased damage for valon trotter's ranged attack
- removed smiting attack special from melee attack of valon echelon
- added swiping attack special to all bomb-like attacks of all gnome healers and baloons
- renamed gnome toolwar to gnome vanguard
- changed fey messiah's sprite and attack animation to make his sword's blade narrower visually
- changed attack icons for:
great sword (fey messiah's attack)
flame bow (fey minstrel's attack)
solar burst (fey soleil's attack)
trample (valon trotter's attack)
entwine, tangling vines, barbed vines (fey dryad's attacks)
author of: Altered Era/Ruleset (on add-ons servers for BfW 1.14, 1.12 and 1.10 )

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