A New Land Era

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Re: A New Land Era

Post by Shiki »

Yes, it's saved in the savefile. Actually, I was thinking about making it like the menus in ANL, where the code is read from a local file, though thus all players need to have the scenario installed. But you can send me the savefile and I can edit it.
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Re: A New Land Era

Post by TeaIntoxicated »

I find this era very enjoyable to play, excellent work!
Just wondering... why are Outlaws and Dwarves split? Aren't they balanced in default to form a competent army together?
And why Drakes get separate mages when they can have Saurian Augurs?
Also, why are Woodsmen unable to work, and only hunt? It's so random, and inhibits the development capacity of outlaws, as they get less workers per tile than usual. How is that balance working?
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Re: A New Land Era

Post by Atreides »

Found invalid WML in the mod for level 0 workers.
[gold]missing required=attribute (or something close) shows when an Elemental Wisp (level 0 from Era of Chaos) tries to collect gold from a farm (tulip) that it is on. Happens every turn.

This is the first time I've tried the mod.

Tried it again using Default Era & Undead Walking Corpse. Same problem.
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