Heir to the Throne: Portraits

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Re: Heir to the Throne: Portraits

Post by beetlenaut »

Delfador receives a special staff in Delfador's Memoirs: Because he is a "servant of the light," he is given the "Staff of An-Usrukhar." That's not much to go on for determining its look, but it's something.

Edit: I expect Delf would not enjoy killing bad guys, and in the drawing, it looks like he might be having too much fun. The mentoring one is perfect, but the other might need a change in his expression at least.
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Re: Heir to the Throne: Portraits

Post by kitty »

Thanks for the quick reply!

Actually I'm not sure what I'll make of that... The name sounds somehow ork-ish, but that couldn't be right?
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Re: Heir to the Throne: Portraits

Post by zookeeper »

kitty wrote:Zookeper, we only talked about mentoring and mad versions of Delfador, do you really think we won't need an additional neutral one?
Well, I meant that mentoring and mad would be the only needed variants, so yes, a standard neutral one is needed too.

I think mad is looking good as far as I'm concerned, but I'm not sure about mentoring; to me, it looks more like he's giving you a lecture or a sermon rather than counceling you about history/geography/etc. :hmm:

As for the staff, it's name is likely meant to resemble an ancient egyptian/sumerian/mesopotamian name (or something in that vein).
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Re: Heir to the Throne: Portraits

Post by Iris »

kitty wrote:Thanks for the quick reply!

Actually I'm not sure what I'll make of that... The name sounds somehow ork-ish, but that couldn't be right?
Included in the spoiler below is the WML for the relevant event in DM scenario 9 (Houses of the Undead).
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Re: Heir to the Throne: Portraits

Post by LordBob »

The pose for both portraits is interesting (though careful with the "mentoring " variant, it's but a step away from "drunken lecture"), but I feel the proportions and anatomy could improve if you checked them against a mirror or a picture. Especially the "mad" variant: the neck gets lost between scarf and hunch - not sure if it's well positionned, the rear hand feels a tad small, and the foreshortening of the casting arm doesn't work well, perhaps because it is straighter than it should be.

In the "mentoring" variant, the book lacks character at the moment; it might give off a better feel if it was larger and a tad more decorated, in the manner of old codexes. Still the neck problem, also.

Additionnaly, in both variants, I'do do away with the gloves, or have them tucked in his belt : at the moment, you're loosing an opportunity to show his hands, which would be a great way of showing his age while giving the portrait a great deal of character.

Also, unless I'm mistaken, in the HttT timeline Delfador has been a fugitive for over a decade, which would eventually show on his garment. Maybe he'd wear his old, tarnished cloak over elven robes (they did live among elves, didn't they ?), or he'd eventually have switched to sober robes (you don't find many tailors in the depths of a forest, and rich mage clothes might have caught some unwelcome attention). Or maybe at some time in the campaign he would reveal his old wesnothian robes when they go openly on campaign against the queen, whereas before he'd have worn more common clothes (though this is a lot of uncalled for work - maybe it's better to just ignore this possibility).

Last, I'd suggest changing the scarf part of the collar/thing, because I really feel it adds more confusion than character in the shoulder region.
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Re: Heir to the Throne: Portraits

Post by Jetrel »

I've committed the images themselves to trunk; we'll need a campaign maintainer to step through the campaign scene by scene and assign all the new emotions to text.
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