[Announcement] 1.13.x add-ons server to be closed down

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[Announcement] 1.13.x add-ons server to be closed down

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Hi there!

With the release of Wesnoth 1.14 Release Candidate 1 (a.k.a. 1.13.12), all previous development versions in the 1.13.x series are no longer supported, and the add-ons server instance that serves all 1.14.x releases (including the release candidates) is now active and running. Therefore, there’s no longer a need to keep the 1.13.x server running.

The 1.13.x (1.13.0 - 1.13.11) add-ons server is now in read-only mode, and slated to go offline on Monday April 16th at 00:00 UTC. The content provided by this instance will remain available on the add-ons Web index, but it will no longer be possible to connect to it using the game client and wesnoth_addon_manager.

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