1.13.x add-ons server passphrases issue (Sept. 15-Oct. 8)

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1.13.x add-ons server passphrases issue (Sept. 15-Oct. 8)

Post by Iris »

Hi, it’s me again.

As some of you might now, around the same time as the other issue cropped up, add-ons that had already been uploaded to 1.13.x started experiencing an issue where old known-good passphrases would stop working. While there was some speculation from the community that this was caused by the same bug, it was in fact a completely different bug (#2068) introduced by someone else that just happened to be coincidentally deployed at the same time.

Rest assured that no loss of data took place this time, and your add-ons are all safe and sound, snug in the safety of our cozy warehouse made out of matchsticks. I’m personally contacting the two lucky authors who uploaded brand new add-ons during this extended breakage window and need to have their passphrases reset.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

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