Add-ons server uploads desync issue (Sept. 15-18)

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Add-ons server uploads desync issue (Sept. 15-18)

Post by Iris »

tl;dr: Reupload any add-ons you updated or created since September 15th 00:00 UTC. Full list below.

Hi all,

I recently pushed changes I had pending review since October last year to address a design issue with the add-ons server that actually caused us some trouble last year. Unfortunately, due to a small mistake on my part, the files for new or updated add-ons uploaded since then were not being written to the correct location on disk, overwriting the add-ons server configuration/database instead. While the server configuration is fortunately intact, the add-ons in question are not and their current contents reflect the state before that change was deployed — or, in the case of brand new add-ons, they have been irrevocably lost.

The bug is fixed now.

All responsibility for this situation is on me and I can only offer my sincerest apologies for any time and energy lost because of this bug.

Below you’ll find the list of affected add-ons by id (folder name) as found in the server logs.

  • Randomised_Isar
  • Mountain_Witch
  • New_Settlers_lua_mod
  • A_Random_RPG_Adventure
  • Mountain_Witch
  • Era_of_High_Sorcery (brand new upload missing add-on contents)
  • add_creature_pack
Testing instance:
  • No add-ons had been uploaded since the broken patch was deployed.
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