Recent 1.12 add-ons server downtime

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Recent 1.12 add-ons server downtime

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As you might be aware, the 1.12 add-ons server instance went down this October 7th at approximately 23:55:00 UTC. The cause of this incident is a software error that due to an unlucky coincidence caused the server to quit in the middle of writing the add-ons list to disk, with all the metadata it contains (version numbers, timestamps, and so on) being lost after a point. The bug in question will be rectified over the next few hours.

Due to circumstances, I could only find out of this situation around 2:30 hours ago. Using a backup from the morning of the 7th, I was able to recover all missing add-on entries so there shouldn’t be any missing or undownloadable add-ons right now. I managed to piece together the updated entry for the add-on “5 Lords Reign” that was lost due to this event and it should be all correct except for the download size, which I understand from the description should be somewhat higher than it is as of this writing. This shouldn’t cause any problems and will be corrected as soon as the author uploads a new version. (UPDATE 2 hours later: It is my understanding that the author uploaded a new version after the server went back up, so this should no longer be a problem.)

Sorry about taking so long to tend to this matter, and apologies for any inconveniences caused.

If you come into any new problems with the 1.12 add-ons server pertaining add-ons uploaded after October 7th 05:00 UTC and before the date of this post, make sure to report them here. Additionally, there will be some slight downtime for the same instance in the next few hours in order to deploy a few patches to address this and other issues.

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