More info about units

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More info about units

Post by Spirit_of_Currents »

I think sure traits and random traits should be listed here ... 20Bat.html and on other individual unit pages too.
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Re: More info about units

Post by nuorc »

Well, the random traits are random and assigned at the creation of the unit, so I think it's ok that they're not part of the description. However, as they're always feral I agree that could go in there. I'll suggest an overhaul in the Let's Rewrite Descriptions! thread.
Spirit_of_Currents wrote:and on other individual unit pages too.
Maybe you could name specific units over there...
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Re: More info about units

Post by GbDorn »

OP is not proposing to add a new SPECIAL_NOTES to the unit description but to enhance the html pages with something similar to the help entries in 1.13.x, eg:

for the bats:
(1) feral
(1) strong, quick, intelligent, resilient

for the WC/Soulless/Ghast/Ghoul/Necrophage:
(2) undead, fearless

for Trolls
(2) strong, quick, resilient, fearless

for Goblins
(1) weak, slow, dim

This info only applies to new recruits though, not to units obtained through advancement:
- Dark Adepts (and Dark Sorcerers and Necromancers obtained by XP) cannot be strong but new Dark Sorcerers and Necromancers can
- Liches obtained by advancing from Dark Sorcerers keep their human traits while Liches recruited directly at level 3 have just "undead".
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Re: More info about units

Post by Gyra_Solune »

Yeah basically that, it's a very recent and semi minor feature. I don't know if they'd add it in while it's still the 1.13 releases? Since that's developmental and how things work in those may not be final. But if it's still there come 1.14 it will likely be advisable to add them into the units site.
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