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Re: WIP wiki cleanup and update

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I'm not sure if this goes 100% along with this topic, but there are some broken images across various art tutorials on the wiki, and images are pretty essential for art tutorials.

Some examples include a terrain tiles tutorial (which is what I'm gathering, all of its pictures are down...)
Also, the pre-1.12 tutorial for Wesnoth-styled cartography; it's only missing a majority of its pictures and, although it describes what to do, visual aids are necessary things for many in order to learn how to do something. Also, the download for the "background" won't work.

There are definitely other missing pictures on the wiki (some pages are written as though pictures were there, but maybe those pics weren't Imageshack-supported, so leave no trace?)
The older style of wesnoth maps is nearly identical to the new one (which is far more saturated, textured, and made to look like it's on a damaged piece of paper), and many people, I'm sure, are fond of it; having a tool so beneficial to developers, both umc and mainline, out of commission is not a good thing. How long before other even more important pages' images are broken? This affects not just the website's outward appearance, but its usability.

Just something that's been bothering me for a while, and thought needed pointing out...
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