Drake Prince's New Side... maybe

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Drake Prince's New Side... maybe

Post by drakeprince »

Hi. You may know me by the maps i posted, or that i really like Royal Rumbles and always host them. But, i know some people say it doesn't have strategy and it SUCKS :evil: :evil: :( :oops: !!!!!!! So i've made some more legit maps. Well, they're kinda weird, but they do have strategy :P ....
Terrain Freaks.txt
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Post by Oreb »

I have been waiting forever for you to release your maps
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Post by Mkgego »

The Raven wrote:I have been waiting forever for you to release your maps
No need of waiting for maps wich "you" dont have and pple are playing on the server...

U can always save the curent played game as an observer and open the saved file, delete the stuff u dont need except the map and thats it :D ^^
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