[WIP] I made this map, any help?

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[WIP] I made this map, any help?

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Hi everyone, I just made this map during my spare time. It's one of my favorite type of map, where there would be multiple battles happening at the same time, at different location.
I made this map with this kind of idea in my mind:
The map is big: https://imgur.com/a/pbtck2V

It's actually big (100x100), the theme here is that there are invaders and ancient evil that have arrived at your door step with only one purpose: "Defeat All Enemies Leaders"
The alliance, or what left from it - (T1 from the pic) - is among the last of those of the survivors against the enemies. Slowly, the alliance try to expand, but now, they have met the invaders, who are desperate to wipe them out:
P1: Military leader of the free people of the city
P2: Forest-based people who are among the last few protector of the green and good
P3: The underground are no longer safe, so they have come to the surface: Underground/hilly dwellers
P4: The expanded section of the Free city
P5: A satellite town, on it's progress to grow and hold the desert back from moving deeper into the last green land
P6: Refugees, who escaped their death at the P7's location, where their city was ransacked and besieged by the enemies
P7: The invaders/those who opposed the good and green
P8: Grand general of those that caused the end of all to come, now on their way to end this "Free city"
P9: Awakened by P8, and RIIPPPPP a dang hole from the lava, they sprout out and wreck everything according to P8's command.

The grasses signifies the corruption and the life left, the Giant Trees signifies the magical protection of evergreens, but not even those can protect the people from the might of the Invaders (T2 in the pic). There is no hope, this is a fight that will last forever in every survivor's mind. The last battle of them all.

Anyway, that's the idea. I have only made the map, but could anyone point out for me if there are some glaring weak point of the map, that would be too much? In my mind, P1, P2 and P3, should be fighting P9 before focusing on P8 and P9. P5 and P6 are kind supposed to barely hold on, if not supposed to retreat to the city against P7. Lastly, P4 should be the playing defensively against P8 and wait for others to join them. This would have been the last ultimate battle (hence the big flat battle field I put there).

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Also, I plan to write a script that would go with the map, where the houses are all pre-assigned (especially the big glumps) so that players can just focus on fighting
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