AutoTactics: Wesnoth

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AutoTactics: Wesnoth

Post by MDvedh »

I've made mp scenario replicating AutoChess/Teamfight Tactics/Dota:Underlords gameplay.
You buy your army, level up your leader, complete unit combos and watch them fight your enemy.
Currently it only supports 1v1 human v human play, no AI implemented.
If you want to play it with your friend, you can download it from in-game add-on server. I've mainly made it to test my skills as a programmer and don't really expect anyone beyond me and couple of my buddies play it, but if it's any good (or bad), don't hesitate to leave feedback.
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Re: AutoTactics: Wesnoth

Post by C4nt3r »

I will try for sure. Not much interested in autochess anymore, but could be interesting.

Don't stop implementing ideas, and don't have fear to implement ideas outside autochess world. Maybe is a step to get something like a new Autochess type of mode for 1v1. Is how games borns now. So interested on follow this.
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