Multi-Player Add-Ons Idea

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Multi-Player Add-Ons Idea

Post by OphiliaJohnson »

Not really sure what else to call it, but i notice playing on steam having multible add-ons will often cause issues crossing add-ons together, so i was thinking for the Multi-player have a small UI directing to Add-ons so that you can select which add-ons are in use, which will reload the game and recreate the cache directly from multi-player menu so we would'nt have to go back to the main menu, install and uninstall mods, reload cache for the game then for the multi-player...
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Re: Multi-Player Add-Ons Idea

Post by gfgtdf »

There were proposals like this and I do not say they are bad, but if add-ons effect the game without being explicitly selected in the mp menu (eras, scenarios and mods) then it's probably a bug in the addon. And you should report that big to the add-ons author.
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Re: Multi-Player Add-Ons Idea

Post by enclave »

if only he can understand which addon causing bug

maybe there could be some kind of notification given to user if some add-ons cross/double ids or macros between each other which can cause bug.
Or maybe if there is more than one id/macro of same name (not sure what exactly of them can cause incompatibility issues)
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