Stealing Abilities Mod v0.0.0

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Stealing Abilities Mod v0.0.0

Post by ChaosRider »

On BfW v1.12.6 server you can find addition called "StealingAbilities", it's allows your units to steal one of dead enemy abilities - it works for all mainline abilities, SX RPG and Recruit Bonuses mod.

Percent chance to steal ability depends on the difference of levels between killed unit and the one who was killing.

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Killer lvl/Killed lvl/levels difference/percent chance
1         /0         /-1               /20% (lowest value)
1         /1         /0                /30%
0         /1         /1                /40%
0         /2         /2                /50%
0         /3         /3                /60%
0         /4         /4                /70%
0         /5         /5                /80%
0         /6         /6                /90% (highest value)
This mod don't require from other players to have it.

It's playable with abilities from mod Recruit Bonuses v0.2.1 and Chaos Maps v0.4.1. Go get it now!
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Re: Stealing Abilities Mod v0.0.0

Post by The_Gnat »

That seems interesting! What might be worth considering is a variant where you can choose to steal the ability 100% but the enemy remains alive. That could add strategy, or it could just be dumb.

I wonder though if this would be OP in certain circumstances. For example lvl 3 grand knight steal saurian skirmish ability. Relatively easy to kill but quite powerful. Also any ghost who steals regeneration would be very well off!

Perhaps the advantages could be more balanced by some cost of XP?

Just some ideas I had, overall great addon!
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