How to start playing ladder games? How to register?

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How to start playing ladder games? How to register?

Post by maze »

This guideline presents how to register into ladder and How to start playing ladder games.
It is made particularly for new players.
Reason is simple: Registering and enjoying ladder is not that simple as it seems. I saw so many new and experienced players giving up the fight. Maybe they got bored of ladder or it wasnt entertainning enough anymore. Maybe they werent able to enjoy the games. Maybe they meet players that they were cheating.
I will give some advices and tips for the new players.
And I hope some experienced ladder players also will give some advices or supplements.
You are Welcome!

Step 1 ... ng-ladder8

Read it !! Its not about the rights and other kinda stuff. You can read here lots of useful informations about the gameplay and about the rules.

Step 2

Download the map-pack from the addonserver !
The ladder have its own maps. All games must be played on these, most of are basic 1.10. mainline maps.
There are some modified maps, These are balanced maps. Also well playable as player1 and as well as p2.

How to download the map-packs? when wesnoth clients starts, in the main menu click "addons", then "connect"!
You need those:
Random Map Picker
Rushed by Yetis

Step 3

Check the map-pack that you have just downloaded and Play training games on the maps you like. I strongly recommend, host a game on the easier maps. I recommend you the classic mappack. Weldyn channel or Freelands sablestone whatever. Do you prefer bigger maps? Choose Sullas ruins or Fallenstar-lake.

Step 4

I recommend playing ladder games if you have some multiplayer experience in wesnoth and have played and liked the 1v1 games. Doesnt matter if you are "average player" or not, or good player or exceptional. I dont like that "language" in the faq at some point ("average player","master"). Oh well it s my problem:).
The point is: every Honest wesnoth players have the right to play in ladder!! Doesnt matter how good they are ! Honour counts, So you like 1v1 games? Thats fine then its Time to register into the ladder!

Step 5
Click on register if you already dont have one. You will get an email, need to comfirm. You need this just because to get a nickname on the server.. This nickname is yours now. Only you can login !! Even into the forums and into the server.
Take care of your password!

Step 6

Follow the steps in the letter you got. And login into the forum
You can be sure about your forum, and server-registration, is active.

Step 7

If you accept the ladder rules

Then click on "Sign-up"/"Join" !

The same nickname must be registered! You already registered on the official forum
Only the same nickname is acceptable! Only one.
You need both: Ladder8 and Ladder also. Well its not necessary to register into both system. Having LAdder and LAdder8-account allows you more possibilities. In that way the more Players will play with you. You reach the more people. In LAdder8 there is more potential (2v2games and much more.. ).

Step 8

Its time to play your 1st ladder game!
You played already some games on specific maps. Whenever you login on the server you can see your nickname written in lobby by boldface type. No-one can copy your name, nobody is able to steal it. You can start your ladder carrier!

Here is my advices for the case, it wont be a disaster:

1st advice from The MAze
- Check again how to setup a game! Be sure about everything!

2nd advice from The MAze
- Dont stick to the timer that the ladder recommends you. It s very-very the minimum time for a ladder-game (+200seconds/turn). You can make +300/turn or longer whatever! Skilled players are playing with +200sec. Its their choice, not yours. Once you play some 1v1 games your own timer-setting is ready. Need some experience to find the right settings that suits to you. The principle is: know the rules and then make a game..

- Play your 1st ladder game with a friend! Make a game for your friend or anyone that you know. Game-title/header can be "ladder/ladder8 for john" for example.

- Observe ladder games!

- Avoid the unknown players! Play on your level!
"On Your level" what does it mean? Means +-200points. In my opinion The better the opponent that have equal or more points than you.
Whats the trap in this??
Nowadays you are happy if you find someone:( to play with.
So in some cases you only can play under your level and under your rating. Specially if you are new to ladder. If you dont want surprises then play with only those players you know.

6th Advanced tip from The MAze
- Check your opponent s profile in ladder always!
Be sure about that your opponent is a registered player. Never ever play with Strangers specially if they have lower rating than you!
You never know who joins your game.
go to: ... mit=Search

click on "players" - type the name of your opponent...and you can see his statistics, sportsmanship, rating and so on. There is almost everything you gotta need to know. You can download some of the games he played. You can watch his game if you are not sure about his honour. Whatever.

7th Advanced tip from The MAze
- Dont make games with random map picker! And dont join ladder games as a player!
Its not your time To make randomly picked maps and match-ups. You dont want random maps. In this case you must know well all of them. Check out the maps fits to your playing style! Pick One map from the classical ones.
And Host a ladder-game on that map! You dont have to practice on 20 maps. You dont need to learn immediately 20 maps. Pick your favourite map!
Host the games yourself! Dont join the games you can see in the lobby. Learn how to setup a game! It s easy! Make sure you are doing it correctly

be continued...

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Re: How to start playing ladder games? How to register?

Post by Fosprey »

I noticed that in the ladder no games are played this month and only 2 last month. Is the ladder dead?

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Re: How to start playing ladder games? How to register?

Post by wolkenwand »

There are 21 games reported on 17 february and 2 today. You can check recent entry on "game history" tab.

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Re: How to start playing ladder games? How to register?

Post by maze »

For the players, that likes the wesnoth 1v1 challanges here is
The MAze s tip :

The Black Sword is planning more groups. Seems It will be a really awesome tournament-table. Thats Where Either the casual players can find their calculations/plans.
The Black Sword wrote : " If any player feels that playing around European timezones might be difficult, pm me with your timezone and I will try, as much as possible, to group you with people in a similar timezone. "

Conquest Minus LAdder Tournament:

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