Co-operative maps?

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Co-operative maps?

Post by spozie »

I've searched around for a few maps to play with me friends. We're big fans of the Team Survival map that comes with vanilla Wesnot.

I tried to download some of the so called "survival map packs" from the add on list but they're crap. What's the point in making survival maps where everyone is isolated? That's pretty much playing single player >_>

So i was looking for some good maps to play with friends, either survivals, co-ops, RPGs or something of the kind. Any suggestions?
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Re: Co-operative maps?

Post by Pentarctagon »

There's Orocia, Nosmos Survival Pack that have you recruiting. Colosseum and SX are pretty good if you just want a single hero kind of thing.
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Re: Co-operative maps?

Post by UnwiseOwl »

I thought that "Save the Village" wasn't a bad example. Tricky enough to be difficult for an experienced Wesnoth player without being off the chart. The low-powered units aren't everyone's cup of tea, though.
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Re: Co-operative maps?

Post by H-Hour »

I made a couple of addons for cooperative play with the 1.8.x version of Wesnoth. 2p Campaign Battle System is a map selector for playing coop with a persistant army. Betrayal of Thaeylan is a coop campaign with 9 more or less complete scenarios. I have not found the time to port them to 1.10.x yet.

I also liked Gobowars, a six-scenario coop campaign by JB. There was a 3-player coop campaign, The Haunted Woods. There was also the 7 Seasons coop campaign, which I never got a chance to play. I don't know if any of these were ported to 1.10.x
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Re: Co-operative maps?

Post by Knutor »

Ya. Colosseum is a fun co-OP. 3p fills pretty fast too, 6p, could take 30min to fill up, on less than peak times. I tried Save the Village, but couldn't get a grasp of it.
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Re: Co-operative maps?

Post by SatHyre »

i recommand world conquest.
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Re: Co-operative maps?

Post by Bob_The_Mighty »

I made a few RPGs that are designed for co-operative team play: Fall of Trent, Labyrinth of Champions and Into The Underworld. I also made an RPG era that gives loads of fun skills and options for these maps.

There was another, Brotherhood of Light, which has sadly not been updated for a while.

I've also helped make a 2 player pirate campaign, The Altaz Mariners.

My current projects:
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