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Re: Ghost buff

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Irrelevant path, SP and MP are both features of Wesnoth which attract different audiences to the game.
And yes, I play on mp. I never quite liked being alone on SP.

This thread is about the ghost unit. Since there aren't any solid reasons for ghosts to be buffed with evidence. And seriously, why are we arguing over the stats of the ghost? We're supposed to be co-operating to improve the ghost if needed. Not arguing over what's right in front of us. I suspect it is just conflict of opinions on the different way its used and how some methods don't work so they feel the unit needs to be improved instead.

I suspect there won't be any objections to this getting locked as its getting no where and is just getting troll-y and more biased.
Bye says the cookie.

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Re: Ghost buff

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Support, they should cost 16-17 gold...

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Re: Ghost buff

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teamleader wrote:Support, they should cost 16-17 gold...
You know, it's kind of annoying that you've dredged up a really old thread, offering no new points or arguments; no replays, or anything at all. :P

Please don't do that again.
I will not tell you my corner / where threads don't get locked because of mostly no reason /
because I don't want your hostile disease / to spread all over the world.
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without your noses.
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