Why Thunderers are Broken in Colosseum

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Why Thunderers are Broken in Colosseum

Post by Raptor_Jesus »

1 Dragonguard. 6 Liches, 6 Skeletal Dragons, 6 Sylphs, 6 Armageddon Drakes, 6 Yetis, 6 Fire Dragons, 6 Evil Dragonguards. It was on like Donkey Kong.

Disclaimer: contains profanity. If colorful language offends you, please do not watch this.

2nd Disclaimer: I make no claims of tactical prowess. All I did was sit on a hill and watch my boomstick go off.
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Re: Why Thunderers are Broken in Colosseum

Post by MCP »

First off, ghosts are broken.

The shop is highly unbalanced on the cost of strikes and damage. A thunderer with 40-1 gets more total damage for cheaper than any other character. For instance if a character has 6-6, which is a very high number of strikes, it just doesn't compare in total damage for the gold spent.

Thunderers are always good on maps like these, such as SurvivalXtreme and Defense of the Goblin(or similar) because of this. It's up to the map designer to make units like a skeleton's 60% pierce resistances matter a lot more, this way the thunderer does only 16 damage per shot.

Why are thunderers not over powered on a Mabuse SurvivalXtreme for instance? They are very strong but not over powered.
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Re: Why Thunderers are Broken in Colosseum

Post by Mystery »

The Thunderer line is very good in these type of games but not overpowered like the Ghost->Wraith line (loldrain lolresists). Changing the cost ratio of buying damage:strikes would simply shift the balance more in favor of other units, some of which are already comparably strong in these games. (e.g. Sharpshooter, Sylph) Keep in mind that Pierce as a single damage type is rather poor and they don't get innate Marksman/Magical on their weapon either. Perhaps more important to their success is their innate Dwarvish resistances and movetype. Neutral alignment is generally better than Lawful/Chaotic as well.

Oh, entertaining replay too. :eng:
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Re: Why Thunderers are Broken in Colosseum

Post by appleide »

steadfast is also pretty useless; In most cases you have to buy extra resistances for it to work; and the resistances are too expensive too; The only time resists are useful is when you have a ghost; but when you have a ghost you arent allowed to buy any...

Regeneration is also not worth it, considering you can also get Cure for much less; You'd just have units team up and upgrade their cure ability; its IIRC 3 times cheaper to do that;

And, add more white mages so ghosts wont be so powerful;

But then.... this is just a scenario people have fun with; not really a 'competitive' map between human players so..... this thread does stand out a bit.
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Re: Why Thunderers are Broken in Colosseum

Post by Pentarctagon »

feeding is awesome, if your team does well. one time i had an ulfserker with +80 feeding and almost 2000 hp :mrgreen: . it was kinda funny toward the end because he had awful attack compared to everyone else, but because of his sheer hp he couldn't die and berserker killed anyone dumb enough to attack him with melee.
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