Feature request: Timer stop consensus

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Feature request: Timer stop consensus

Post by Meatgrind »

Multiplayer timer is a neat tool, and with some people it's just a must to play. It does have its drawback, though, since the games tend to last very long, and urgent pauses from the game might arise.

The doorbell or phone might ring or one may feel the call of nature compelling to momentarily leave the game. Here the player might well have time to say: "Guys, stop the timer, got to a variable action X, brb."

Here it would be nice, if the remaining players could have the choice to trust the leaving player and actually stop the turn timer. It could be applied as the majority of players clicking on the turn clock to make it appear as a greyed-out, paused timer. Either majority or all of the players should be the limit to pausing the timer.

I know some may feel that this can cause cheating, but me and my friends usually trust each other enough, and agreed that this would be a nice addition.

And pardon me for lengthy and complicated jabbering, I feel a bit dazed with flu or something. Just asking for opinions to check if there's demand for something like this.
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Post by CIB »

A timer that can be adjusted in-game would be nice, yeah.
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Post by Konrad II »

That would be very nice, indeed.

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Post by Sapient »

So if everyone clicks it, then it will pause, and if one person clicks it will resume? Sounds like a good idea, although that does open up the possibility for some abuses...
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Post by zookeeper »

A general voting system would be nice for things like this. It could then be used for other things as well, of course (it's easy to come up with ideas for that, so let's not derail this thread with those).
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Post by Yogibear »

Sounds like a good idea. But unfortunately it might be very hard to implement, because it breaks with one of the basic mp rules: No interaction of players if it is not their turn.
I haven't looked further into it but i have a feeling this has potential for a lot of coding trouble.
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Post by telly »

Could give each player a timeout. Could set it like every ten turns you get a free five minute break you can use at any time or something. Would be much easier to code than having to have a vote.
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Post by UngeheuerLich »

maybe consensus and 3 time outs which everyone can end at will...
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Post by Eyra »

When I saw the post what I had in mind is that in a timed game, the person who has to leave clicks a button, and a message appears on everyone's screen asking if they want to pause the game. (Or mabye have it be like in FPS's where a message appears and you type /yes or /no) If the majority (at least 50% plus one) accepts, the game would return to a screen similar to the waiting room where people can chat and view the scores. Then, when the person who requested the pause returns, they press a button that only they see, and the question dialog comes up again, this time asking if you want to resume the game.

Will that work? (Will reduce abuse at least)

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Post by thissneppah »

Could you just have a one-time time bonus that you could use when you need to do action X.


Its player 1 turn. Player 2 needs to do X. Player 2 presses for his one-time time bonus (say 60 seconds). That time bonus will wait unit it’s his turn and then start ticking away. Player 3 and 1 don’t need to be asked about this. If player 2 isn’t back from action X by the time the time bonus ran out it’s his turn as normal and he can lose it if he still isn’t back yet. If he is back on time then he can just go back to the game with out losing time.

One-time time bonus should be given to each player and they should only have one per match. Making moves during your one-time time bonus time will cancel it. Well that’s my idea to solve the problem of asking people stuff when its not there turn.

This isn’t too clear but hopefully you get the picture, I’m busy at the moment, sorry.
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Post by Eyra »

and during the "timerstop period" the screen blanks out or displays only a chat dialog? so that EVeRYBODY gets te exact same amount of time to look at the map. and no one's going to pause the timer just so they could examine the map.

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