A New Land addon - Wesnoth 1.4

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Re: A New Land addon - Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Rocier »

Is anyone working on this still? I really like the "A new land" map. But i'd kill for some more. Is there any way to play other maps like this? I cant find the Era, or the other maps. Just the one. Help me out here?
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Re: A New Land addon - Wesnoth 1.4

Post by batoonike »

Played it with 1.6.5, wanted to be able to host, wasnt on add-ons, searched the internet for 2 hours, found a few versions that caused errors on loading (some tags missing in the files). Heard that its included in the development branch, but why would I trade a stable version for development? How I get it working?
I placed the required files at userdata/data/campaigns ofc. The most promising broken version came from http://kernigh.pbworks.com/DownloadFile#ANewLand

The players changelog says, that it should come with normal download since version 1.5.x

Which was obviously true. Just very confusing that it doesnt require its own era. Never mind.
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Re: A New Land addon - Wesnoth 1.4

Post by em3 »

It is not an add-on anymore, instead a map/scenario included in mainline. Just start a multilayer game and choose the "A New Land" map.
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Re: A New Land addon - Wesnoth 1.4

Post by SpoOkyMagician »

I was playing this awhile ago and it generated an oos. I looked though the directory briefly and i noticed there is a CHEST macro. I never played the old version but the current version doesn't even have chests... I am a bit curious why it was removed from the scenario but NOT mainline... (Then again, i guess you wanted to keep it for the future if anyone updates it.) I feel like browsing the scenario a bit and maybe make some changes to it. (copy/paste out of mainline of course.) Although, idk if bob had plans to already do this or not. Either way, I'm gonna read though the code anyway.
Bob_The_Mighty's First Post wrote: Fri Feb 02, 2007
Ah, three years old... that explains a lot... I was reading over the wml some more and it seems to be partially outdated... (no offense bob) I noticed you used a CONDITION macro when in fact that you could of used the IF_VAR macro mainline. Must be a new/partially new macro. With your permission bob, id like to update this addon. (unless you are already doing it yourself.) Although, I do not have any of the old stuff. (the era and whatnot.) I haven't even played that version sadly. If you agree, the devel's agreee, and someone actually has the old stuff, I'd be glad to edit that stuff in too.

edit: Well, I don't know what version this was made in exactly but, three years is along time. Seeing the post about the "map data" says to me that it has to be old because of the current map data syntax... (Eleazar's post on page 1.) I only read the first few posts though.

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edit: I read that the developers are maintaining this now it seems... I checked the devel version of wesnoth and I don't think there were any changes WML wise to the scenario. (That I've seen anyway.) I guess I'd have to inform them as well. But, there isn't exactly much that could be fixed. (Mostly minor things. That I have noticed thusfar...) I just did a search and I found that the macro "OPEN_CHEST" in the "ANL_general_macros.cfg" is not called at all though the macros or the scenario itself. It is obviously an old macro used in a different scenario that is no longer used...

edit: Noticed something. I am curious if this is old/new/extra... (wouldn't writing -1 be easier? unless this is an old wml value... even though it does work...)

according to the scenario:
according to the wiki:
turns: sets an event on turn turns causing the player to lose. Use -1 to have no turn limit.
edit: In the objectives tag, (at the start) you could also add a optional objective to kill all leaders since you do not have to but you are allowed too. (says so on turn 25 in a message.)

edit: still looking though code... I'll let you know if I find something else...

edit: WTF? I am a bit confused here... What is up with this? (My guess is that is just a new change without noticed the old stuff.)

according to ANL_general_macro.cfg:

Code: Select all

according to scenario:

Code: Select all

        {ALLOW_RECRUIT 1 "Peasant,Mage"}
        {ALLOW_RECRUIT 2 "Peasant,Mage"}
        {ALLOW_RECRUIT 3 "Peasant,Mage"}
        {ALLOW_RECRUIT 4 "Peasant,Mage"}
but in the player side tags it says:

Code: Select all

What is the point of allowing them to be recruited when they are already in the side tag?

edit: continues to check the WML...

edit: with the AUTO_FARMING TYPES macro, you could just store the unit array once instead of twice but not exactly required...

edit: I would like to point something out that i noticed once but isn't exactly important. the macros:

# Placing spiders
{ANL_PLACE_WOUNDED_UNIT 5 "Giant Spider" 29 13 4}
{ANL_PLACE_WOUNDED_UNIT 6 "Giant Spider" 31 13 4}
{ANL_PLACE_WOUNDED_UNIT 7 "Giant Spider" 29 43 4}
{ANL_PLACE_WOUNDED_UNIT 8 "Giant Spider" 31 43 4}

since the spiders cannot move, they heal overtime making it somewhat impossible to get the units later on in the game since they get so much hp/poison/etc. (Not that I am complaining too much but I am just noting this. I believe there is a wml value somewhere that is something like... resting. It would be nice to set that to no so it does not heal. Although, at the same time, letting it heal does add a interesting teamwork failure value to the game. Just a thought about it.)

edit: back to reading the wml...

edit: i am getting a bit tired so I browsed though the rest of the wml quickly I noticed that there is a death message when a leader dies but there is not a objective for the lose condition. (You lose when all four players die obviously. Although, it does not say that. :lol2: Only the win condition.)

edit: I PM'ed Zookeeper about this. (Since the maintainers are most likely the developers since its mainline now. Plus I talked to bob awhile back about this and I dunno if he wants to continue to edit this or not. But, he may since he was the creator...)

edit: I just decided to make a "patch" for the scenario. I am currently working on it at the moment. It's coming along pretty well so far. Although, I am rewriting a lot from scratch. The rest is copy/paste.

edit: I managed to redo some of the menu items a bit. The functions don't actually work yet though but they will later on. Just note that the game will remains the same of course. I just wanted to rewrite the wml a bit and make it more... simplistic...
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Re: A New Land addon - Wesnoth 1.4

Post by SpoOkyMagician »

I believe my new patch is complete. (I fixed a minor flaw in my last fix that i didn't notice. So, auto farming/mining should now be working.) however, i am still getting an LUA error at the start of the game.


(It took about 3-4 test runs and rewriting WML but, it should be done.)

Anyhow, i am planning to do a full test run later on tonight on the 1.7.15 server.

(It will consist of Me, Mythological, maybe CookieBite, and a open space open to anyone if they wish to watch/join.)

There are a few minor changes to the addon however...

1: There is no longer a variable for worked_this_turn. the scenario now uses moves. (If you do not have any moves left, you cannot build.)
2: research is no longer automatic. You now have to do it manually. (This shouldn't be a huge problem for players anyhow.)
3: research/diplomacy is completed apon researching when you have enough points. (ex: If you have 3/4 and research 1, you get it that turn.)
4: wml wise, i removed most of the macros and went tag based. (The macros mostly complicated things for maintainers.) although, i still use some macros...
5: minor changes to messages/objectives/text color/format. (Trying to make them more visual appealing.)

edit: Patch complete! Check it's progress here...
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Re: A New Land addon - Wesnoth 1.4

Post by boru »

Hi .. what's the status on the patch?

I played this for the first time last night .. it was pretty cool, but I couldn't figure out how to get dwarves to go through cave walls. Is that broke, as well as auto-farming?
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Re: A New Land addon - Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Molean »

This era is really fun.

There seems to be two versions of this era, one labeled "advanced" has 4 options to choose from for categories of factions or what ever, to to choose from. Auto farming seems to work fine in it. There seems to be a minor bug in this where when you pick from units to add to your recruit options, theres weird code in front of and around the names of your options.

There is a regular "a new land mod" era, but that seems to only work on one specific map, "a new land multifaction mod", otherwise called last stand. Because the regular a new land era has nice interesting race selections to choose from, I would like to be able to use it elsewhere, like in great wall.

A short word on balance in the last stand map, there are corny ways of easy killing the spiders on this map, perhaps the spiders could start out with more HP? The captives on the right side, woes and drake, are much better then the ones on the left side, ogre and griffin, perhaps these might get balanced out?

Researching mining and farming upgrades can get out of hand, could there be a cap on the maximum output upgrade of mines and farms, or a limit to the number of researches who can research upgrades in one turn? Something needs to be done, makes maps way too easy and encourages behavior that cause games to take way too long.

Perhaps more advanced mages could give more research?
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Re: A New Land addon - Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Mica »

If anyone isn't working on this currently, I'd like to take it over again. It's been awhile but I'm limiting myself to this one project.

Let me know if it's OK.
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